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3D Video Art banner from the 90's in Anaglyph 3D - test your glasses, relax, take your time

Stereoscopic 3D films by Razutis for 2018

Burning Man 2015 filmed in Stereoscopic 3D and mono by Al Razutis - finally resumed, posted on YouTube

Al Razutis went to Burning Man 2015 and filmed the art, people, and various creations and events in stereoscopic HD 3D, with short films slated for release in 2018. The 3D graphics on these pages is typically presented as web-friendly anaglyph 3D, but the release formats are in various formats including two-channel Stereo HD 3D. Sample some of the scenes from the shoot in 2D version on YouTube:
View 13 min. Scenes from Burning Man 2015 by Al Razutis in 2D on YOUTUBE

Displayed here in analog red-cyan stereo 3D for ease and convenience of viewing, not fidelity or quality, although some works are authored for analog 3D only, as per listed information.
stereo 3D anaglyph glasses - red left, blue right
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West-Coast Artists in Light - continuing documentary

4-Part Documentary on Holographic Arts in Stereo 3D Video is continuing!

Al Razutis' documentary film project West-Coast Artists in Light has been conducted over several decades of filming. Beginning in standard film 2D early 1990's the project moved to stereoscopoic 3D film in the late 1990's, one that highlighted the 'spatial characteristics' of holographic art and artists working in their laboratories. The resultant 4-part film is available by special arrangement for public screenings. It now continues with new material recorded with digital HD 3D for presentation in various formats. Short clips and extracts are available for viewing in anaglyph 3D on Vimeo or YouTube XAR3D channel.

Our Focus is Stereoscopic 3D Film Art

3D Film - Video Art filmed in Native 3D as experimental films by Al Razutis

click for enlargement

3D VIDEOS in anaglylph 3D formats of true holographics on YOU TUBE - XAR3D CHANNEL

XAR 3D video channel of Al Razutis presenting holographic subjects and artists in anaglyph 3D video clips     XAR 3D video channel of Al Razutis presenting holographic subjects and artists in 3D and standard 2D video clips from West-Coast Artists in Light video by Razutis

NEW RELEASE - China 2014 Holographic projection exhibition by Razutis
- 3 min silent in anaglyph 3D walk-through:

Apsaras holographic exhibition in China 2014 by Al Razutis - silent 3 min anaglyph video walk through

3D Video Art from 1990's

Stereoscopic 3D Video Art exhibited internationally by Al Razutis

Legacy Stereo 3D Video Art Catalog by Al Razutis

Award-Winning 3D tapes, poetic avant-garde subjects, internationally shown, with selections screened at the Louvre - Paris 1997, and the European Media Arts Festival 2002 Germany, and at the SENEF 2004 festival in Seoul, Korea. 3D Video Art by Razutis first premiered in North America in 1998 screenings in Vancouver, Canada and Portland, USA - see 1998 Premiere Presentations

click Virtual Flesh in Stereo Catalog  anaglyph 3D

4D Holographic Motion-Picture Projection

3D Without Glasses - Holographic 4D

Holograms displayed on web in analog red-cyan stereo 3D for ease and convenience, not quality
stereo 3D anaglyph glasses - red left, blue right
Holographic Projection see it in Stereo 3D

4D Holographic Motion-Picture Systems by Al Razutis (designer, developer) concern holographic images projected in space. These projects are documented in Stereoscopic 3D (anaglyph for web) and available for investment or partnership. Contact Al Razutis alrazutis@ymail to discuss your interests; this is B2B and NDA will be required. Give us a call when we're acquainted.

Autostereoscopic 3D Motion Pictures - No Glasses cinema

Stereo 3D meets Holographic 'Multiplex' Cinema - McCormack Collection & Archives

Sharon McCormack Collection of multiplex holographic stereograms - sample installation view

holographic arts and archives of Sharon McCormack and 'Multiplex' holograms are preserved at Visual Alchemy

"Al Razutis now represents the arts archives of holographic artist Sharon McCormack and her archives of Multiplex Company and San Francisco School of Holography as Curator and Trustee and Preservationist for posterity"
This Collection and Archive is stored and preserved at Visual Alchemy Studio, Saturna, Canada. Viewing by appointment only.
The collection and archives includes original Multiplex Holographic Stereograms in wide 120 and 180 and 360 degree views featuring motion-picture subjects. These holographic stereograms are viewed without any glasses, they are 'autostereoscopic' displays.

Sharon McCormack Collection and Archives at Visual Alchemy

See Terms and Conditions for Lease or Exhibition of unique items from McCormack Collection & Archives. This work is not for sale, exhibition or lease only.

Costs for individual or group of works will vary depending on required duration. All work must be insured by client prior to shipment.

Contact Al Razutis at to discuss your exhibition, lease or historical research interests.

'The Embrace' by Sharon McCormack - 360 deg. Multiplex Holographic Stereogram

The Embrace Multiplex Stereoogram by Sharon McCormack with presentation device - display unit - 2D photo by Al Razutis

Sample Views in anaglyph 3D

Three views in time, in anaglyph 3D anaglyph 3D - red left, cyan right, of multiplex holographic stereogram - hologram "The Embrace" by Sharon McCormack - Stereo 3D photos by Al Razutis

click/enlarge - Multiplex Stereogram - Hologram 'Embrace' by Sharon McCormack - 3D anaglyph by Al Razutis   click/enlarge - Multiplex Stereogram - Hologram 'Embrace' by Sharon McCormack - 3D anaglyph by Al Razutis   click/enlarge - Multiplex Stereogram - Hologram by Sharon McCormack - 3D anaglyph by Al Razutis

The Embrace 1 min. video clip on YouTube - in 3D


3D PAGE of Sample Multiplex and pulsed and exhibition holograms

Check out our YouTube XAR3D CHANNEL 3D VIDEOS of Holograms @ Visual Alchemy

YouTube XAR3D

3D Video of multiplex stereogram works by Sharon McCormack including "The Embrace" on YouTube
3 min. video in 3D or 2D YouTube 3D:
SHARON MCCORMACK shows her holographic works  in 3D excerpt on YouTube
Larger panel view of image strip in anaglyph 3D

Oldies but goodies: Expanded Cinema & Holography 1970's!

Legacy 3D Speech-Interactive Avatars and Legacy Virtual Reality Worlds

Experimental and Commercial Creations for Public Venues since the 1990's - Archived content.

Avatar Mall and links to VR and more

"We create humanoid CG avatars with speech capabilities for real-time speech interaction with humans with computers, kiosks, mobile, in 2D or 3D, and according to client's photorealistic or stylized preferences. Speech interaction with avatar guides, friends, teachers, or playmates is already here and cross-platform applications are being developed for kiosk and mobile, home and away."

Legacy Virtual Worls - VRML 2.0/97

UROBOROS and related worlds in Virtual Reality Markup Language - by Al Razutis

UROBOROS VRML 2 HOME PAGE in Html by Al Razutis

These 3D Worlds were built in VRML CG 'virtual space' in natural (orthoscopic) 3D, feature video maps of touch sensitive objects and facades with music. Coded with love of adventure in virtual space. Poetic avant-garde subjects, internationally shown, with selections at the Paris 1997, and the European Media Arts Festival 2002 Germany.
VRML WORLDS UROBOROS by Razutis first premiered in North America in 1999 Vancouver, Canada at 'The Body Electric' exhibition. Content is compatible only with select plug-ins.

Virtual Reality Worlds by Al Razutis