EXPANDED CINEMA by GENE YOUNGNLOOD (1970) describes the ambitions

Expanded Cinema by Gene Youngblood 1970     click  enlarge page 2 contents Expanded Cinema by Gene Youngblood 1970     click to enlarge Holographic Cinema - Expanded Cinema by Gene Youngblood 1970     click enlarge page 409  Expanded Cinema by Gene Youngblood  showing primitive holographic movie viewer 1970

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The 'Multiplex hologram, the 'holographic stereogram' (or 'integral') combines 2D cinematography showing horizontal parallax and motion with 'holographic printing' (using Lloyd Cross' invented 'printers' - Mark I to Mark V - as improved on by Sharon McCormack and Cross lenses) at the San Francisco Multiplex Company (see multiplex technology). This remarkable development in holography had a world-wide impact and even appeared in motion pictures. Viewers could 'walk around' a movie playing in 360 degrees with an image appearing to float in a cylinder. It suggested 'holographic TV' or 'holographic movies' and were exhibited in the 1970's and continuing through the 1990's, 2000's.

Multiplex Stereograms by Sharon McCormack presentation device - display units - 2D photo by Al Razutis

Video clips of holographic movies - multiplex stereograms - Visual Alchemy 3D videos on YouTube XAR3D channel:

Historical pages as reference:

Sharon McCormack Collection & Archives of multiplex, embossed, and display art holography and San Francisco School of Holography

'Sharon McCormack Collection & Archives home page'
- illustrated with links - multiplex technology

Mark III Multiplex Printer Diagra and photos - link to Multiplex page technology - Sharon McCormack Collection of lab notes and archives

Full laser transmission holographic movie animation 1974 @ Visual Alchemy

 MIMETIC GLASS - Holographic Film Animation - 1974 by Al Razutis - on exhibit at 2010 Deja Vu exhibition Vancouver, Canada

MIMETIC GLASS - 1974 - Installation view at 'Deja Vu Exhibition' 2010
Laser transmission film animation hologram
12" x 73" Film Strip with individual frames
MIMETIC GLASS - holo camera housing used in creation of animation holograms - photo at Visual Alchemy 1974 by Al Razutis       parabolic projection screens - plexiglas - used for holographic projection tests at Visual Alchemy 1975 by Al Razutis

Cylinder hologram gate housing used in the creation of 'Mimetic Glass' at Visual Alchemy 1974 designed by Al Razutis as prototype for holographic motion-picture masters. 2nd photo: Parabolic plexiglas mirror shapes/mirrors in 1975 for tests of holographic movie projections ('in space') at Visual Alchemy by Al Razutis.

'MIMETIC GLASS' hologram (1974) - over 6 ft. in length - was discovered in 2010 in storage. This film animation hologram by Al Razutis 1974 made by careful advance of frame by frame animation may be the 'first motion picture hologram' made in Canada. This is true holographic stop-motion animation recorded as sequential strips of laser transmission holograms, not a 'rainbow' multiplex from 2D film. Verification or contesting claims are encouraged. TECHNIQUE EMPLOYED: Spatial multi-plexing of laser transmission hologram for each step in the motion of solid subject.

Exhibited in October 2010 at the Deja Vu Exhibition of Holographic Art and Stereoscopic 3D, Vancouver, Canada.

Collection of Al Razutis. This work is located in Saturna Island, Canada.

For purchase of this work contact alrazutis@ymail.com


Holographic motion-picture projection China 2014 by Al Razutis

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Holographics Motion-Picture Prototypes

For 2014-2018 holographic works by Al Razutis in motion-picture holographic cinema and for 3D video documents of multiplex holograms at the Sharon McCormack Collection and Archives visit the stereoscopic 3D page
Volume 4 - West Coast Artists in Light

Visual Alchemy Holography History Archives

Holographic History at Visual Alchemy Vancouver 1970's to national exhibition by Al Razutis with links to photo pages
'History of Holography at Visual Alchemy Vancouver'
- illustrated with links - holographic animation

Holographic Art Sales and Leases at Visual Alchemy Vancouver 1970's by Al Razutis including multiplex and embossed works for lease - rent from Sharon McCormack Collection and Archives
'Holography Today - Sales / Leases'
- illustrated with links

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