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Lanzhou City University, Dun-Huang Cultural Center, Lanzhou, China

Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, Archives, Hollywood, USA

Museum of Modern Art (Pompidou), Paris, France

National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada

Massacusetts Institute of Technology holography collection, Canbridge USA

National Library of Australia

Tainan National University of the Arts, Taiwan

New York Public Library, Donnell Media Center, NYC

The Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan

Edith-Rus-Haus fur Medienkunst, Oldenburg, Germany

Vancouver Art Gallery

Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

Pacific Cinematheque Pacifique (Film Study Collection), Vancouver

Burnaby Art Gallery

Westchester Library, NY

Vehicule, Montreal, Canada

Queen's University

Concordia University

Simon Fraser University

Amherst College

Sheridan College

California Institute of the Arts

Ontario College of Art

Chicago Art Institute

University of Quebec - Montreal

Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, Spain

University library of Lausanne, Switzerland

University of Provence, France

Grants and Awards:

Shearwater Foundation, DVD production grant, 2003

Shearwater Foundation, video post-production grant, 1996

Shearwater Foundation, video post-production grant, 1995

The Canada Council, production grant (holography - video), 1995

Shearwater Foundation, video production grant (jointly with Sally Weber), 1994

Los Angeles Film Critics Association, Independent-Experimental Film Achievement Award, 1988

The Canada Council, Holography Grant, 1983

The Canada Council, Holography Grant, 1975

The Canada Council, Video Production Grant, 1974

The Canada Council, Senior Art Grant (Holography), 1973

The Canada Council, Senior Arts Grant (Holography), 1972

Selected Exhibitions:

'Flying Apsaras' (solo holographics exhibition), Lanzhou City University, Dun-Huang Cultural Center, Lanzhou, China, 2014

'Not About Art' (solo film exhibition), Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, USA, 2014

'Duos ephemeres', Musee du Louvre - Auditorium, Paris, France, 2014

'3D Gallery - Holographic Art', Gallery (group show) and Workshop (holograms), National Stereoscopic Association 3-D Con, Conference. Costa Mesa, CA, USA, 2012

'Mixed Messages: Marshall McLuhan and the Moving Image', Conference, screening (film), International House, Philadelphia, USA, 2012

'Deja Vu', group show (holography, stereoscopic 3D), Vancouver, Canada, 2010

'The Infra-structural Image', group show (film), Belkin Satellite, Vancouver, Canada, 2006

Seoul Net and Film Festival (SENEF), Restrospective ( Film - Video - 3D Video), Seoul, Korea, 2004

Ilmin Museum of Art, Installation works (Film, Video, 3D Video), Seoul, Korea, 2004

European Media Arts Festival, Restrospective ( Film - Video - 3D Video - VR), Osnabrueck, Germany, 2002

Pacific Cinematheque Pacifique, 'Experimental 3D Video Art' (solo screening), Vancouver, Canada, 1998

Northwest Film Festival, '3D Video Art' (solo screening), Portland, USA, 1998

Musee du Louvre - Auditorium, 'Le releief au cinema' (solo screening), group exhibit, Paris, France, 1997

Vancouver Electronic Arts Festival, 'Body Electric', group show, Vancouver, Canada, 1997

ASTARTE, 'Mutations', group show, Paris, France, 1994

"Images in Time and Space", touring holography exhibition, Canada and USA, 1987-1993

Simon Fraser University Gallery, 'The Classic Suite and Other Stories', solo exhibition, Vancouver, Canada, 1987

Pacific Cinemathe Pacifique, 'Al Razutis in Person' (solo performance), Vancouver, Canada, 1987

American Museum of the Moving Image, 'Amerika' film screening, New York, USA, 1986

Fringe Gallery, 'Totem', solo exhibition, Toronto, Canada, 1986

Pacific Cinemathe Pacifique, 'Avant-Garde Panel' (solo performance in group panel presentations), Vancouver, Canada, 1986

Centre International d'Art Contemporain de Montreal, "Light: Perception-Projection", group show, Montreal, Canada, 1985

Ann Arbor Film Festival, "Visual Essays" (special screening), Ann Arbor, USA, 1985

Boston Film and Video Foundation, solo screening, Boston, USA, 1985

Maison de la Culture, "A Fascination of Holography", group show, Montreal, Canada, 1985

The Science Museum, "Light Dimensions", group show, London, England, 1984

Deutsches Filmmuseum, "Licht-Blicke", group show, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, 1984

Canada House, 'Canadian Holography Now', group show, London, England, 1984

Vancouver Art Gallery, "Vancouver Art and Artists", Amerika film premiere, 1983

Royal Photographic Society, 'Light Dimensions', group show, Bath, England, 1983

Museum of Holography, "Light Years", group show, New York, USA, 1981

State University of New York - Buffalo, solo film show, Buffalo, USA, 1982

National Gallery of Canada, 'Canadian Film-Makers', group show, Ottawa, Canada, 1980

Grierson Film Seminar, solo screening, Ontario, Canada, 1980

The Photographers Gallery, "Light Years Ahead", London, England, 1980

Franklin Institute, 'The Holographer's Vision", group show, Philadelphia, USA, 1979

Edinburgh International Film Festival, Retrospective, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1979

Sao Paulo Bienniale, group show, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1978

Burnaby Art Gallery, 'Visual Alchemy' Solo Retrospective Exhibition (holography) - national touring show, 1977-78

National Gallery of Canada, 'Another Dimension', Ottawa, Canada, 1977

Pacific Cinematheque Pacifique, "A Tribute to Al Razutis", 2-part Film Retrospective, Vancouver, Canada, 1977

Art Gallery of Ontario, 'Independent Views', group exhibition, Toronto, Canada, 1977

Evansville Museum of Art, 'Holographic Exposure', Indiana, USA, 1977

Museum of Modern Art of France, 'Canadian Video Art', group show, Paris, France, 1977

Cinema Parallele, solo retrospective, Montreal, Canada, 1976

Art Gallery of Ontario, 'Videoscape' , group show, Toronto, Canada, 1975

Vancouver Art Gallery, 'Personal Film', group show, Vancouver, Canada, 1974

Vancouver Art Gallery, 'Hybrid' (installation, co-authored with Gary Lee-Nova), Vancouver, Canada, 1974

Vancouver Art Gallery, 'Intermedia Film Marathon', group show, Vancouver, Canada, 1968

Selected Writings by Razutis:

"Visual Essays: Origins of Film + Amerika", Revisita Laika, (Carlos Adriano, ed.), 2016, web contents, 2016-1996

"The Strange Voyage of Shrodinger's Cat", Screenplay, 2003

"Doing_Time", in Digital Earth on-line, (T. Schiphorst and O. Hockenhull, ed.), 1998

"Why the Cinema We Don't Need Has Found a Home in Canada", in Lightstruck, Vol 7. No. 1, 1990

"Nothing Personal" in Independent Eye (M. Hoolboom, ed.), 1990

"An Avant-Garde for Holography by Way of Nemesis", in Wavefront Magazine,1986

"Proposition for the Deconstruction of Cine-Structuralism" (films of Peter Rose), in Opsis,1985

"Menage a Trois: Contemporary Film Theory, New Narrative and the Avant-Garde", in Opsis, 1984

"Regina vs.", in Opsis, 1984

"Critical Perspectives on Vancouver Avant-Garde Cinema 1970-1983", co-authored with Tony Reif, Vancouver Art Gallery, 1983

"Rediscovering Lost History, Vancouver Avant-Garde Cinema 1960-1969", Vancouver Art Gallery, 1983

"David Rimmer: A Critical Analysis", monograph, Vancouver Art Gallery, 1981

"Some Notes on the Art of Holography", in The Holographer's Vision, Franklin Institute Press, 1980

"Ilium: Express", unpublished novel, 1970-78

"The Beast", unpublished prose-poem and screenplay, 1970-78

"Visual Alchemy", in Vanguard, Vancouver Art Gallery, 1974

"Hybrid", co-authored with Gary Lee-Nova, in Artscanada: The Issue of Video Art, Vol. XXX, No. 4, October 1973

Lectures - Academic Papers:

'The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even', International Society for Optical Engineers (S.P.I.E.), SPIE Vol. 747 Practical Holography 1986

'Art and Holography', Canadian Holography Conference, 1985 (re-printed in Wavefront)

'Expression and Tranformation in Avant-Garde Cinema', Martin Walsh Memorial Lecture, Film Studies Association of Canada, 1982

Bibliography - writings on works by Razutis:

"Atual", Revisita Laika, vol. 0, 2016.

"The Remix Age: Exhibition as Archive", by Viva Paci, The Moving Image. Journal of the Association of Moving Image Archivists, vol. 15, n. 2, 2015, p. 72-82.

"Holograms: A Cultural History", by Sean F. Johnston, Oxford University Press, 2015

"The Moving Image", by Viva Paci, essay, The Moving Image, 2015

"Classification of Holograms and Types of Hologram Used in Holographic Art", by Vildan Isik, paper, International Conference on Communication, Media, Technology and Design, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014

"Holography and Art", by Ildan Visik, PhD Thesis, Meliksah University Talas/Kayseri, Turkey 2013

"3-DIY", Chapter 23: 'Al Razutis: A Complete 3D Artist', by Ray Zone, Focal Press, 2012

"Holographic Visions - A History of New Science", by Sean F. Johnston, Oxford University Press, 2006

"Retrospective", exhibition catalog, European Media Arts Festival, 2002

'Film to Video / Video to Film', by Bruce Jenkins (on Razutis' / Bridge at Electrical Storm) -- Magnetic North Catalog, Walker Art Center, 2000.

"L'Etude Visuelle. Puissances d'Une Forme Cinematographique (Al Razutis, Ken Jacobs, Brian De Palma)", Nicole Brenez, Cinematheque Francais, 1996

"Three Decades of Rage", interview with Mike Hoolboom, in 'Beneath the Pleasure Dome', 1994, Cantrills Filmnotes, 1992

"Between Agonism and the Autonomy of Art: The Case of Al Razutis", by William C. Wees, in Cantrills Filmnotes,

"Recycled Film", by William C. Wees, Anthology Film Archives, 1993

"In the Valley of the Fix", interview with Mike Hoolboom, in bulletIN THE HEAD, Cineworks, 1990

"Amerika and the Destruction Aesthetic", Eric Fergusson, in Independent Eye, Fall 1990

"En Garde" in Independent Eye, 1989

"Al Razutis: Under the Sign of the Beast", interview with David Bryant and Mike Hoolboom, in Independent Eye,1989

"Visual Essays: Origins of Film", Peter Chapman, in Independent Eye, 1986

"Myths and myth-makers of Amerika", John Lekich, in The Globe and Mail, 1984

"Al Razutis / The Funnel", Seth Feldman, in Vanguard, 1984

"Mary Brown vs. The Peterborough Four, or The Cinema Scopes Trial", Victor Coleman, in Parallelogramme, 1982

"Visionary Experiments", George Kohler, in Parachute, 1978

"Pacific Cinematheque", Tony Reif, in Cantrills Film Notes, 1974

"Self Portrait", Tony Reif and Kirk Tougas, Vancouver Art Gallery, 1974

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