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Holographic Art by Al Razutis for Sale or Exhibition
holographic art by Al Razutis sale and exhibition page

McCormack Multiplex Collection & Archives
holographic art by Sharon McCormac, Multiplex Company, San Francisco School of Holography and commercial clients for rent or lease -  exhibition page

2016 New Fillm Releases by Al Razutis to be announced.
'Scenes from Burning Man 2015' 13 min. short subject - HD plus experimental films in Stereoscopic 3D

Featured Holographic Projects Projects

Exhibition by Al Razutis of Holographics & Projection System, Lanzhou, China 2014

Holograms in stereo 3D Al Razutis  - Visual Alchemy 2015>

Holographics in Stereo 3D Photos

Solo Exhibition by Al Razutis of Holograms , Lanzhou, China 2014

click/enlarge in separate window - Visual Alchemy 2013
These six large pulsed-laser transmission holograms by Al Razutis - from the 'Apsara Series' are now in the permanent collection of Lanzhou City University - Dun-Huang Creative Center, Lanzhou, China and are on exhibition since October 12th, 2014.

Past HOLOGRAPHIC ART Exhibition photos in 3D - with HTML 5 Stereo 3D Player (Multiple viewing formats)

Holographic art by Al Razutis at 'Deja Vu'' (2010)

3D Stereo views of holographic art by Al Razutis - page
3D exhibition photographs by Gary Cullen 2010

To contact Al Razutis for quotes on your holographic projects e-mail: alrazutis@ymail.com

For other topics on film, 3D video, holographic exhibitions and projects & art
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2015 Film Screenings of works by Al Razutis - in curated group shows

AAEON film description and photos page

    "AAEON" -- November 23, The Cinematheque, Vancouver
A Message From Our Sponsor, a film by A Razutis
"A Message From Our Sponsor"
Feb.23, The Cinematheque Vancouver
Vortex, a film by A Razutis
March 6, Cinematheque Montreal

2015 Film Screening of "Vortex" >March 5th, 2015 at Cinematheque Quebecois, Montreal, Canada -- > Vortex film from Amerika.

2015 Film Screening of "A Message From Our Sponsor" February 23, 2015 at The Cinematheque, Vancouver, Canada A Message From Our Sponsor film from Amerika.

2014: Documentary film screening Sept. 5th, 2014., at Open Space, Victoria, BC of BACKBONE documentary by Richard Martin (Prod./Dir.) features interviews and films by Al Razutis and Vancouver experimental filmmakers 70's - 80's.

"NOT ABOUT ART" June 12th 2014 Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, Calif. - a selection of short films by Al Razutis - Visual Alchemy. This program. organized by Mark Toscano, Academy Archives and EPFC, was attended by the film-maker for open Q & A's, and included works from the widely exhibited and collected films by Razutis 'Amerika' and 'Visual Essays: Origins of Film' and included his controversial avant-garde film 'Splice...'.

Special Film Screenings & Festivals:

'Ghost:Image' (Al Razutis) screenings:
    Paris, France, Musee du Louvre, Auditorium, March 14, 2014 -- ' Duos ephemeres ', sound performance, curated by Pascal Raynaud, with a composed sound live set and original score by Gable http://www.gableboulga.com/     Paris, France, Programming structure Braquage, May 28, 2013
    Paris, France. Light Cone (Scratch) May 14, 2013
    Chateauroux, France, Maison de l'image apollo, April 7, 2013

'Lumiere's Train (Arriving at the station' (Al Razutis) screenings:
    BACKBONE @ RAFF 2014, Reel Artists Film Festival (TIFF Bell Lightbox) (February).
The doc by Richard Martin is an official selection of the 32nd edition of FIFA International Film Festival of Films on Art at the Cinematheque Quebecoise, Montreal (March). Also in 2014 is a screening in Ottawa at the Available Light Collective
    BACKBONE @ NW Film Center / Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon, May 29th, and Nov. 8th, 2013.
    BACKBONE @ 2014 DOXA Film festival, Vancouver, May 4th and 12th, and Winnipeg Filmmakers Cinematheque Oct 24th, and at TIFF (Toronto) on November 7th, 2013


A Message from Our Sponsor- the once-banned film by Al Razutis 1980 - was featured at the following conference and screenings:

1 min. excerpt YouTube:


PAARC Conference:

Institutions by Artists PAARC Conference Vancouver  Al Razutis and Jennifer Cane presentation

@ Cineworks 2012:

Pre-screening informal meet with filmmakers and curators and staff at Cineworks October 14, 2012
  • 'Institutions by Artists' Screening and discussion, Al Razutis with Jennifer Cane - PAARC Conference, Vancouver, Canada, October 12, 2012

  • Streamed video of (SESSION ONE) FILM screening and CANE - RAZUTIS discussion with audience Q & A archived at: http://www.livestream.com/institutionsbyartists/video?clipId=pla_4070d7f5-cc7f-4cbf-a0ae-9422ef6bba0e

    -- Session One stream: J. Cane intro and FILM begins at 48 min.,   A. Razutis and J. Cane speaking at 58 min,   audience Q & A at 78 min. and end at 1 hr 25 - continuing to next sessions in this two and a half hour stream of SESSION ONE Friday Oct. 12th 10:30 AM at Worlds Art Centre, Vancouver.

  • 'Art for Consenting Adults' - Anti-Censorship and Cineworks 1980 film package, curated by Jennifer Cane, Pacific Cinematheque, Vancouver, Canada, October 15, 2012, 8 p.m.

    Film makers David Rimmer, Chris Gallagher, Peter Lipskis, Richard Martin and Al Razutis were in attendance, and the organizing curator Jennifer Cane, and experimental film critic and historian Tony Reif, curator-theorist Amy Fung, and the Director Meg Thornton and current Board President Stephen Wichuk of Cineworks and Sylvia Jonescu Lisitza of Moving Images Distribution.

    These two organizations were founded by experimental and independent filmmakers in 1979-80 (the dates the screening referred to) and were a instrumental part of this event and the historical anti-censorship events that preceeded it.

SUMMER 2012 EXHIBITION - PRESENTATION at NSA Conference, California, USA

Presentation of Holography and Stereoscopy at NSA 2012 3D-Con, Costa Mesa, Calif. July 2012

click for enlargement of graphics of holograms and stereo 3D by Razutis

Al Razutis exhibited holograms at the National Stereoscopic Association 3D-Con conference July 26-29, 2012, at the '3D Gallery' exhibition of stereoscopic 3D works. He also conducted a workshop in 'Holography and Stereoscopy: Relationships and Differences' at NSA 3D-Con. According to knowledgeable sources, this was the first time for holography to be included in an NSA conference.

This was an in-person appearance by Al Razutis, with on-site holograms and demonstrations, and it resulted in a number of stimulating discussions about 3D and holography and their mutual, and inter-related, futures. Installation assistance provided by Danguole Varnas and Chuck Paxton; additional workshop holograms provided on loan by Gary Cullen.

Al Razutis presents holographic art and displays at National Stereoscopic Association 3D-Con 2012,  3D Gallery - Razutis is pictured - click/enlarge in separate window

Holography at 2012 NSA 3D-Con
Al Razutis (pictured)

Al Razutis conducts workshop on holography and stereoscopy with holographic art and displays at National Stereoscopic Association 3D-Con 2012 in Costa Mesa, California click/enlarge in separate window

Workshop by Al Razutis on 'Holography and Stereoscopy' at 2012 NSA 3D-Con, July 28th, Costa Mesa, California

Razutis brought to the 3D Gallery exhibition a selection of six works spanning holographic techniques and subject matters, from a deep space transmission hologram ('Escher Falling') to a interferometric hologram (surrealist assemblages featuring holograms. He also conducted a hand-on workshop on the interrelated but distinct imaging processes 'Holography and Stereoscopy' citing their formal and perceptual relationships and their differences.

Razutis is trying to forge links between stereoscopic 3D imaging and arts and holography in both art and science. Holography, and holographic television, holographic data storage, and holographic environments (like the 'holodeck' of Star Treck) are the future to him. And the future language of holography is dependent on what happens in today's stereoscopic 3D film, photos, and interactive art.

Gallery exhibit in anaglyph (red/cyan) stereo 3D:

Exhibited holograms and more in stereoscopic 3D is at Holograms in Stereo 3D.

More on Razutis' work in Holography is at > Holography - Main Page.

Sales of Razutis' work in Holography is at > Holographic works - Sales.

For updates on stereo 3D and holography visit us on Facebook at Visit us on Facebook at Al Razutis - Visual Alchemy - Visual Alchemy

Sculptures by Razutis in group exhibition in Baja, Mexico, April 2012

click for enlargement of sculptures by Al Razutis 2007-2008 Baja Mexico

  Three metal sculptures by Al Razutis Dreamtime in Bloom 1 (2007), Dreamtime in Bloom 2(2007), and Tuning / Hatrack (2008) were exhibited at Roberta Booth's Los Zacatitos Desert Light Gallery opening on March 25th, 2012 in Los Cabos, BCS, Mexico.

  For pictorial pages on these works by Razutis, see 2008 sculptures by Razutis page and 'Back to the Basics (Dreamtime in the ruins' (2007 holograms and sculpture) page.

Also view: 'Back to the Basics' installation shots (2007 sculpture).


click for You Tube  3D clips XAR3D channel PLAYLIST page
Razutis is currently editing stereoscopic 3D short subjects in his studio in Saturna Island, B.C. from historical (analog) and 3D HD video shot in Los Angeles and Southern California in April 2010 to present. This work is intended to continue throughout 2012 and result in new stereosopic 3D DVD releases by Razutis for present-day 3D HD home viewing systems and other displays.

Some of this work, beginning with archival material from the 90's and continuing to the present, is posted on YouTube.com/XAR3D channel as archive and ongoing exhibition.

See 3D production for client services offered.

Background: Razutis' 3D film works date back to the 1980's and 3D videos date back to the 1990's with SCSC Festival (Los Angeles) award-winning 3D shorts which were also internationally exhibited as 3D Video Art short-subject works produced in the 1990's in 3D NTSC field-sequential video, and further back to earlier 80's and 70's works in stereoscopic film and stereo photography respectively. This analog 3D video art work was first presented in premiere showings both in Canada and the U.S. in the late 90's.

Razutis is currently available for work on stereoscopic 3D films, videos, and interactive media projects. Please visit 3D Video Production and Interactive speaking avatars for more information on these mediums and production capabilities.

> Holograms in Stereo 3D         > 3D Video Art Home         > Writings - interviews on 3D

'West-Coast Artists in Light' - Holographic Arts in 2D & 3D DVD:

A three-volume DVD on West-Coast Holographic Art, produced and directed by Al Razutis, is available for exhibition - contact the artist to discuss details.

West Coast Artists in Light stereoscopic 3D DVDs - click for information page

Part Three - recorded entirely with stereoscopic 3D video techniques in 1995-1999/2004-2011 - all videography and editing / post fx by Al Razutis, and was mastered at Paxton Holographics and with the assistance of the owner/laboratory head Chuck Paxton.

Financial assistance was provided by The Shearwater Foundation administered by Posy Jackson< and later Dr. Andrew Pepper

Please visit West-Coast Artists in Light page for additional background on this project and image selections of the artist works in this video and DVD

'Holographic Art' by Razutis with pulsed laser 2007

click for  Holography as Art by Razutis page

2007 holographic art works and installations by Al Razutis> were initiated and partially completed (masters, test plates) at Laser Reflections, Las Vegas 2007, with the participation of Ron Olson and Bernadette Olson. This collaboration ended in 2007.

2007 holographic works have featured a metal sculpture and holographic plates titled 'Back to the Basics' (Dreamtime in the ruins) and have continued with 'Pose' and 'Escher Falling' and other works by Razutis.

Ron Olson, Laser Reflections lab technician on the specs concerning the holography results.

Pulsed Holograms in Stereo 3D Photos

Photo page: Creating the sculptures for this project

> Main Holography page for Al Razutis - Visual Alchemy


'3D-DIY Stereoscopic Moviemaking on an Indie Budget' by Ray Zone (Focal Press 2012)

 click/enlarge 3-DIY Stereoscopic Moviemaking on an Indie Budget by Ray Zone book information page

The most recent book on stereoscopic 3D filmmaking by Ray Zone, noted 3D film historian and LA 3D producer is available on-line from publishers. This book comprehensively covers stereo 3D movie making from CG to HD production, to desktop pos-production and features interviews with a number of notable stereoscopic 3D film makers.

Final chapter 23; 'Al Razutis: A Complete 3D Artist' (PDF FILE)

For more on Razutis' 3D video works, visit 3D Video Art page.

'Stress Topography' Interferometric holograms on book cover:

 click/enlarge Basics of Interferometry front cover

On display: 'Stress Topography', a classic suite of 1983-1985 interferograms as art by Al Razutis, was featured on the cover of the book 'Basics of Interferometry' (2nd edition 2006) by P. Hariharan, published by Academic Press


For pictures/descriptions of original interferometric holograms by Razutis visit: ''Stress Topography' page.


Speech-interactive avatar design and development by Al Razutis - click for page on SR Avatars

In 20111 work was completed on 3D speech-interactive avatars for Sonora Technologies Inc. and Digislide (Australia).

Earlier prototype developed by Razutis for Sonora Technologies was displayed at B.C. Showcase at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada.

Speech-interactive avatar projects by Razutis continue his work in avatar speech interaction (1999-2000, Mission Corporation) and are available for interested clients on a contract basis. Contact Al Razutis at alrazutis@ymail.com to discuss your project interests in speech-interactive avatars.


2010 EXHIBITION of Holographic Art & Stereoscopic 3D 'DEJA VU'

click for Deja Vu holography and 3D exhibition by Al RAzutis - Melissa Crenshaw - Gary Cullen

An exhibition of Holograms, installations & stereoscopic 3D in Vancouver 2010 by Al Razutis - Melissa Crenshaw - Gary Cullen included holographic & 3D works in different medias, from the 1970's to the present. Wall, sculpture and master transmission holographic works were presented, as well as projected stereoscopic '3D video art'. Many of these holographic works had been in prior international exhibitions.

3D works by invited guest artists Rick Gibson (Lenticular 3D portraits), and John Hart and Jerry Oldaker (3D Fractals in HD 3D Film - Fractal Odyssey) were exhibited. Also included in this exhibition were historical and contemporary stereoscopic 3D works. Cameras and viewing devices from the 1800's/1900's (from the collection of Gary Cullen) as well as legacy and current 3DTV displays completed and contextualized the exhibition.

Presented on October 16 to 22, 2010, in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Razutis Holography page           Razutis - Holograms available for sale

Deja Vu Holograms in Stereo 3D

Visit the Archives: 1996 - The 3D Show That Wasn't, Edison Electric, Vancouver


Film - 3D Video by Razutis at SeNef (Seoul Net and Film Festival) 2004 - Seoul, Korea:

Festival Review: For a personal review of the festival experience by Razutis, see To and From SeNef 2004.

A partial retrospective of film, video and3D video by Al Razutis was presented as part of SeNef (Seoul Net and Film Festival) in September 2004, Seoul, Korea.

click for VIDEO - Ilmin Museum of Art installation of AMERIKA

Installation works by Razutis presented at the Ilmin Museum of Art (SeNef - 'Samsung Media Lounge'), downtown Seoul, included a 3-screen video projection of 'Amerika'. (click title links for film descriptions, image link for WMV Win Media 30 sec. 500K Video clip).

A single monitor installation version of 'Why Don't You Just Leave' was presented in looped presentation.

Also included in continuing playback was Razutis' work West-Coast Artists in Light, in this case as a four-monitor installation in stereoscopic 3D video of VOLUME 4 which featured the works of Four artists: Fred Unterseher, Sharon McCormack, Melissa Crenshaw and Al Razutis -- as linked to the page here.

Al Razutis also served as President of the International Film Jury (see 'Digital Express') and also conducted a special workshop in 3D Video Art - Aesthetics and Technology'. Additional public screenings of film-video works by Razutis included 'Visual Essays: Origins of Film' and a stereoscopic 3D video (projected) screening of 'Selections'. This film exhibition was programmed by Felix Ji-Hoon Kim< and the installation works were curated by Jeon Sung-kwon. The Director of this ambitious and visionary festival is Ahn C. Park.

Festival Review: For a personal review of the festival experience by Razutis, see To and From SeNef 2004.


Films by Razutis screened in Europe 2010 - 2004 (JPEG images) these films are Distributed by Light Cone (Paris, France)

International Film Screenings 2004 - 1997:

'AMERIKA' excerpts - screening in London, U.K., 2004: Three short films from 'AMERIKA' were screened on August 7, 2004 at FILM - SPOOL - 3 as part of curated thematic film presentations: The Wildwest Show (program: 'Cinematic and Televisual Interruptions'), A Message from our Sponsor< (program title: 'Oh! Poor Lacan!'), and Photo Spot (program: 'To Make or Not to Make'). The show was curated in part by Saul Novella.

to Amerika - Film Catalog

'AMERIKA' - screening in Madison, Wisconsin, 2004: AMERIKA by Al Razutis was presented by Starlight Cinema in Madison, Wisconsin on February 5, 2004 in three-screen format from DVD discs. The screening was organized by Stuart Zehner, the Starlight Cinema Coordinator.

'AMERIKA' - 'selections' screened in Germany 2003: Two classic films, 'Vortex' and '98.3KHz: (Bridge at Electrical Storm', which were independently released as shorts from AMERIKA by Al Razutis were presented by Edith-Rus-Haus fur Medienkunst in Oldenburg, Germany in September and November , 2003. These classic films from the early 70's represent works bridging experimental film with analog video (a 'heresy' in those days for most 'experimental' filmmakers). They were featured in a retrospective program, 'Tour de Force' of notable historical U.S. and international experimental films; program curated by Ralf Sausmikat of the European Media Arts Festival (EMAF).

'VISUAL ESSAYS' in the U.K. 2003: - Two component films from VISUAL ESSAYS: ORIGINS OF FILM by Al Razutis 'Ghost : Image' and 'For Artaud' were presented by The Spool - Pool in London, England on August 30th, 2003. The films were featured in a program of collage - montage (U.S. and international) experimental films; program curated by Saulius Uzpelkis of The SPOOL - POOL.

'AMERIKA' in France 2003: - A three-screen presentation of AMERIKA by Al Razutis was presented by MIRE in Nantes, France on April 19th, 2003.

to Amerika - Film Catalog description and links to reviews

'AMERIKA' at the Blinding Light, Vancouver, Canada 2002: - A three-screen presentation of AMERIKA by Al Razutis< was presented at The BLINDING LIGHT!! - Vancouver, B.C. Canada on October 19th, 2002. The show was organized and curated by Alex MacKenzie and the screening was only the second time ever in North America that this film was presented in 3-screens 16mm projection (a typical format in Europe and elsewhere). Razutis was in attendance to introduce the film in a over-the-top 'leftist' costume and he discussed, in Q&A with audience members, related topics after the film. Due to a malfunctioning projector, Reel 1 (center screen) was permanently damaged during the screenings. Appropriately, the film ends with 'O Kanada!' and imploding buildings.

Revue by Bryan Zandberg (2003) - Amerika....Amerika

Razutis FILM RESTROSPECTIVE at EMAF 2002 Germany:

visit the Europeam Media Art Festival site at www.emaf.de

A 5-show Retrospective of Avant-Garde Films and Videos by Al Razutis, including a presentation of Stereoscopic 3D video was held at the 15th European Media Art Festival 2002, 24th to 28th of April, 2002 in Osnabruck, Germany. The principal curator - organizer for this retrospective was Ralf Sausmikat, a long time contributor to international film and video culture.For a personal (filmmaker) review of the festival experience, see Personal Notes: Retrospective in OZ . Featured film works by Razutis included Amerika (3-screens) and Visual Essays by Al Razutis, as well as a program of 3D Video Selections and digital web-works (with performance) by Razutis.

EMAF Razutis Retrospective Catalog -- EMAF 2002 Complete TEXTS with PHOTOS / April, 2002 (746 K .PDF file)

" The European Media Arts Festival is one of the largest and best known festivals for experimental film, video-art and new media work in the world, and gains the highest reputation with the yearly exhibition presenting sculptural and interactive film, video and computer-installations."

to Video Art - Euro Triptych

Additional screenings of Razutis' works in Germany were held at Kinemathek Karlsruhe in Karlsruhe (May 3rd) - curated by Alfred Meyer, and Kommunales Kino, in Frieburg (May 4th) - curated by Wolfgang Lahmann. These exhibtions were hosted by dedicated and exceptional staff (administrative and technical), who are a credit to the active avant-garde and cultural scenes in Germany.

Filmmaker's notes on this retrospective is posted at
Personal Notes: Retrospective in OZ.

'VISUAL ESSAYS: ORIGINS OF FILM' - 2002 Italy and Austria:

Ghost Image from Visual Essays

Visual Essays: Origins of Film by Al Razutis was featured at IX International Film Studies Conference, Udine, Italy, on March 20-23, 2002. The International Film Studies Conference is hosted by the University of Udine in Italy, and organized by the Department of Storia e Tutela dei Beni Culturali of Udine University since 1993. The 2002 conference topic was "Film and its Multiples". Also in 2002, Visual Essays was presented at Six-Pack Film Festival and Symposium on Early Cinema and the Avant-Garde Film(March 8- 13, 2002) in the Stadtkino Wien / Vienna / Austria.

'98.4KHZ: (BRIDGE AT ELECTRICAL STORM' - goes touring with Magnetic North:

Bridge at Electrical Storm

Bridge at Electrical Storm is featured in the traveling exhibition Magnetic North organized by the Walker Art Center, Mineapolis, and Video Pool, Winnipeg. This six video program exhibition and retrospective of Canadian experimental video tours in 2001-2 and visits institutions in Saskatoon, Berkeley Calif., Hamilton Ontario, Calgary Alberta, Montreal Quebec, Cambridge Massachusetts and others.

Essay by Bruce Jenkins on Razutis' Bridge at Electrical Storm
Magnetic North Exhibition catalog (jpeg images of successive pages - 200k per page)

1999 Film Exhibitions in Poland: - Bridge at Electrical Storm and Ghosts in the Machine were exhibited as part of the Media Art Bienalle, Wroclaw, Poland in April, 1999.



Stereoscopic 3D video was created by Razutis in the 1990's in the form of both a documentation of holograms and holographic artists and as short-subject 'art' video tapes. This work was initially exhibited in Los Angeles at the Second Annual Stereo 3D Film Festival (and subsequent editions of this Festival), hosted by the Stereo Club of Southern California. While Los Angeles 3D activists, such as Ray Zone, John Hart, Lawrence Kaufman, and others, promoted 3D video short subjects and their exhibition, our Canadian counterparts at government or state-sponsored venues and Canada Council (juries, admin) ignored or opposed 3D video, with exceptions noted below.


In 1997, a selection of 3D video art works by Al Razutis were exhibited at the Louvre (auditorium) as part of a larger exhibition on 3D film. More information on this exhibition and experimental film tour in 1997 by Razutis can be found at France 1997. Subsequent exhibitions of a program of Al Razutis' 3D video art tapes were presented in Vancouver, BC, at the Pacific Cinematheque Pacifique, in Portland, Oregon at the Northwest Film and Video Festival, at European Media Arts Festival, Osnabruck, Germany, and at the Seoul Net and Film Festival in Seoul, Korea. Additionally in 2010, a short selection of Razutis' 3D videos was also screened at Deja Vu, Exhibition of Stereoscopic and Holographic Art, Vancouver.

Biographical summary of Razutis & 3D: 3-DIY book by Ray Zone - chapter 23 - 'Al Razutis: A Complete 3D Artist' (PDF FILE)

to Stereoscopic 3D VIDEO by Al Razutis - illustrated catalog

Visit the Archives: 1996 - The 3D Show That Wasn't, Edison Electric, Vancouver

3D VIDEO ART by Al Razutis - 1998 Canadian Premiere - Pacific Cinematheque, Vancouver

3D Milestone Exhibitions by Al Razutis and hosts in Vancouver, Portland
PDF copy of announcements

Media history was made in Canada when 3D video art by Al Razutis was presented at the Pacific Cinematheque Pacifique, Vancouver, Canada, on September 18 and 19th, 1998. A 78 min. program of selected 3D video-art tapes was large-screen videoprojected, on two SHARP LCD 440 videoprojectors (cross-polarized), utilizing a de-mux box (for right - left eye channel separation and output to projectors) purchased from Andrew Woods (Australia), and the audience was provided with 300 polarized glasses loaned for the presentation by CN - Imax 3D (Vancouver) . Exhibition program (presented to a sold-out audience over two nights) consisted of 3D screenings of short subject stereoscopic 3D videos - program individual title descriptions are available here. Exhibition of this 3D video art followed a screening by Al Razutis in 1997 at the Louvre, Paris. This 1997 exhibition was organized and funded by the museum with no (sought after) funding available from the Canada Council or External Affairs Canada. Jury lists and the Canadian obsession with 'conceptual' and 'deconstructive' (academicized) art may provide some answers here (or there).

This Canadian premiere exhibition was assisted by Video Out (Vancouver), Maya Martin distribution coordinator. Attempts by some members (the so-called 'Queer Video Nation') of Video In (Vancouver) to sabotage this showing by last minute witholding of video projector were unsuccessful, but should be noted for historical interest in 'media politics' in Vancouver 1990's.

This exhibited work was first made possible through the generous donation of a Toshiba 3D Camera for use by Razutis from Gary Cullen and later Dwight Jones. Free use of video editing gear when required was provided by George Harris of Galiano Film School and Kasey Kazlauskas of Los Angeles. Further credits are on Legacy 3D Video Art page.

3D VIDEO ART by Al Razutis - 1998 U.S. Premiere Showing - North West Film Festival, Portland

On November 10, 1998, a program of 3D video art by Al Razutis was presented at a special screening in the Northwest Film and Video Festival downtown theater, Portland, Oregon as a U.S. premiere presentation of Stereoscopic 3D video art by Razutis. This program featured works similar to the presentation content of the earlier Canadian premiere showing (above) by Razutis in Vancouver, B.C.. This U.S. premiere event, which was a screening outside of stereo club and orgazation functions, was hosted by the Northwest Film and Video Festival as a special feature. It was coordinated by Howard Aaron, Associate Director of the Center, and featured the assistance of their great staff. The evening's show was held at the Guild Theater with dual-projection (passive cross-polarized) and silver screen.


1997 - Revue of Film / Video Tour:

3D Video Art by Razutis screened the Louvre   'Visual Essays' and 'Amerika' screenings in France, 1997

Biographical summary of Razutis & 3D: 3-DIY book by Ray Zone - Final chapter 23 - 'Al Razutis: A Complete 3D Artist' (PDF FILE)


Films and videos by Al Razutis are available on DVD by direct order at limited-edition prices.
See Avant-Garde Films for available titles, or DVD Sales for prices.

Films-DVD-holographic works purchase information and On-line catalog links are at: Media Orders - Purchase.

Address all further purchase inquiries to: alrazutis@ymail.com.

Film RENTALS of selected films are only available from LIGHT CONE - www.lightcone.org> (Paris, France)

For a list (descriptions, images) of HISTORICAL films and video tapes no longer in general distribution,but available for archives and collectors,visit FILM / VIDEO ARCHIVES page for content list - photos - descriptions.

For available HOLOGRAPHIC ART works visit: Holographic Art Sales - Exhibition<


Multi-Media Production - Design and Consulting by Al Razutis
and holographic art and displays, motion-picture stereoscopic 3D, speech-interactive avatars, and Interactive Web Design are available by contacting Al Razutis at alrazutis@ymail.com.

For web related works visit the Resume - Demo Index.

For art related resume see: Al Razutis - Art Bio.

VISUAL ALCHEMY CONTACT: Inquiries via E-MAIL: alrazutis@ymail.com

SNAIL MAIL:   P.O. Box 106 Saturna, B.C. CANADA   V0N 2Y0

For all media orders see: ORDER PAGE


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A Final Bed-Time Story?


Or, as Alice would remind us:  "... sometimes I've always thought of that curious Cat, in this very strange place of mirrors...looking glasses...and strange fractal things....as, oh, dear! I forgot it's name!" And then she fell asleep! Dreaming of Cheshire cats  chasing the tails of...fractals.