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We are 3D short-subject producers and provide 3D production, design, cinematography and 3D editing / postproduction services for clients interested in 'out of the ordinary' productions or results delivered to screen, home TV, or kiosk. Our focus is on innovative ways to use stereoscopic 3D motion-pictures in delivering equally innovative content. Our focus is on the stereoscopic 3D cinematic arts.

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Our projects are led by Al Razutis who has a long career in many forms of film-making and experimental 3D media arts; his 3D works have been screened internationally including at the Louvre Auditorium in Paris, France and these works have garnered awards in 3D film fest competitions. With this extensive experience and focus on cinematic arts he provides a deeper understanding of cinematic content and technique to this work, deeper than simply going 'on a shoot' and 'getting the tech right'.

We shoot and post stereoscopic 3D, in 2K or HD 1080p or 720p depending on project display requirements (theater or home). Our recording preferences are twin-convergence rigs with portability in mind over the delicate washer-sized beamsplitter rigs. 3D gear is no longer 1950's film gear, 90's video gear; technology and styles have changed and we're part of those changes.


Legacy Burning Man 2015 by Al Razutis in stereoscopic 3D film

Our interests in stereoscopic motion-picture 3D extend to Speech Interactive 3D Avatars for commercial and education display, and we are in developement of Holographic Motion-Pictures and Art, with a proven and extensive background in many forms of live-action holographics.

If you have a project that requires creative 3D motion-pictures on film, video, DVD, or projection - installation contact us to discuss your requirements, whether it be documentary, short subject, art or commerce and exhibition.


Burning Man 2015 experimental films by Al Razutis in stereoscopic 3D film

Stereoscopic 3D Film & VR

3D Avatars with Speech-Interaction

Holographic At & Design

For Stereoscopic 3D film or video productions contact Al Razutis with your requirements to receive a reply-quote by e-mail.