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wiew Mission Environment video clip with VR by Al Razutis
'Mission environment'

(.WMV Video Clip 1 min.)
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Media Players
2000 - 2004

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ESSAY:   'Personal Aesthetics' and VR (A.R.)

VARIOUS WRITINGS:   'Virtual Reality'

These VRML 2.0 (Virtual Reality) worlds are optimized for COSMO PLAYER 2.x, or CORTONA VRML PLUG-IN
or other X3D VIEWERS from the web. For a VRML / X3D viewer / free download, visit:  CORTONA 3D VIEWER site.
Recommended Browser for Plug-In: FIREFOX (Chrome no longer supports NPAPI plug-ins)
NOTE on movies in VRML: At present Cortona 3D supports only mpeg-4 movie maps,
while these movies were originally created in mpeg-1 for VRML Cosmo or Cortona.
Modification to new standard is underway.

Legacy VRML Worlds - Max - Poser animation in VRML 2.0/97:

1999-2000 VRML 2.0 Worlds by Al Razutis (VRML) and Deepa Ved (Poser-animations)

VRML CLIENT VIEWERS must be installed to view these contents

link to 'Multiple Talkingheads' world         link to 'Fashion Model'         link to three inline avatars in 'Office Model' world         link to cloister scene with avatar walk

VRML Worlds - Avatar drive-by screens:

1997-2000 VRML 2.0/97 Worlds by Al Razutis

link to movieworld vr cinemas

VRML Worlds - Various Subjects

1997-2000 VRML 2.0/97 Worlds by Al Razutis

link to Various VRML WORLDS by Al Razutis

3D WORLDS authored in VRML are convertible to most (SHOUT3D, CULT3D, ATMOSPHERE) players
they are presented here in VRML 2.0 as originally created for low-bandwidth web.

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