Alice:   'Site Specific Post-Grad Adventures with Attitude'

Alice and the Imaginary Attitude Adventures

( Critical navigational aids for the 'semiotics' employed on this site - in no particular order, at various resolutions and perspectives)

'Looking Glass':

(Adapted from original fractal anaglyph by Larry Berlin 3D ZINE)
Use Anaglyph Glasses to view images in 3D
Use Red-Cyan Anaglyph Glasses for 3D

All texts by Al Razutis (XAR) 1996 - 2005,
inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, holographic 3D wankers, Edward Albee's Tiny Alice, the 'Pee Three Dee' amateurs and poseurs encountered on the web, and certainly 'semiotics' (or as the 'Red Queen' might have it, "Informed by Psycho-Analysis.").

Illustrations by XAR (XARazutis) and various authors (collage source) including reworkings of John Tenniel's original illustration and Charles Dodgson's photos.

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