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Al Razutis - Visual Alchemy poster on holographics at the studio     Sharon McCormack Collection and Archives at Visual Alchemy     Al Razutis featured artist November - December 2017  at Area of Design web-site/publication

Unique and Historical Holographic Art For Sale or Lease

Holographic Art by Al Razutis, classic and contemporatry, exhibited internationally - for sale or for exhibition - priced for 2018

Holographic Art Sales - Leases

Holographic Art by Al Razutis is for sale or for exhibition is listed in a page of selected works from recent and past historical periods. For terms of purchase, lease or rental, photos and links to gallery title cards and more information visit this selection.

Contact Al Razutis directly at alrazutis@ymail.com for a price list or to discuss your exhibition interests.

FEATURED: as posted December 14, 2018 on FaceBook:
"The stories about these (storied) works are yet to be completed...but they're coming.
To me there's nothing more 'beautiful' in holographics than a true hologram as it was theorized and invented in practice by Gabor, Leith, Upatnieks, Denysiuk, and then many others..."

Eight works from this "Apsara" series are in collections, some works for sale at collector's prices remain - APSARAS
APSARAS page of pulsed laser transmission master holograms by Al Razutis

Apsara series holograms shot in 2D video - FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/102922939863571/videos/579606465528547/
Apsara series shot in stereoscopic 3D for anaglyph 3D on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czovr3LVz08&feature=youtu.be

Works like these are avalable for viewing @ Visual Alchemy, Saturna Island, BC, Canada
By appointment only
December 2018 photo of Al Razutis and Field and Apsara
Directions for Getting There

We are exclusive representatives of the Sharon McCormack holographic collection and historical archives

        PDF poster - Sharon McCormack Collection and Archives at Visual Alchemy

"Al Razutis represents the arts archives of holographer Sharon McCormack as Curator and Trustee and Preservationist for posterity" 2016

This remarkable Collection and Archive, which includes Archives of Multiplex Co. of San Francisco and San Francisco School of Holography is stored and preserved at Visual Alchemy Studio. This work is not for sale but can be leased, or rented for exhibition purposes.

This collection includes many original multiplex holograms created in San Francisco by Sharon, Lloyd Cross, and other members of this group. Also included is extensive documentation and samples from the San Francisco School of Holography of the early 1970' which was one of the first independent schools of holography in the world.

Example holograms of many subjects, including commercial work in embossed holography by Sharon and others can be leased for exhibitions, short term or long term. To read the terms see Terms of Collection Leases which would apply to both individual works and groups of works leased for exhibition. The minimum lease period is 30 days. Please contact the Trustee and Curator Al Razutis directly at alrazutis@ymail.com to discuss your exhibition, rental or purchase interests.

Narrated Video of Sharon's works on YouTube in Stereo (anaglyph) 3D

3D Video of multiplex holographic stereograms and works by Sharon McCormack including "The Embrace" on YouTube
3 min. video in 3D or 2D
YouTube 3D:
SHARON MCCORMACK shows her holographic works  in 3D excerpt on YouTube

To exhibit or lease works from McCormack Archives

Stereo 3D video and Standard 2D videoclips from 'West-Coast Artists in Light' are viewable on YouTube XAR3D ('West-Coast Artists 2D' and 'Holographics 3D')
XAR3D channel of stereo 3D video in analog and digital formats, including West Coast Artists in Light, legacy 2D recordings of holographic artists, and  Holographics 3D playlist by Al Razutis

VIDEOS in 3D and 2D of Holograms @ Visual Alchemy (FaceBook)

Holographic Projector System - Prototype

2014 Commissioned by Lanzhou City University, Lanzhou China Dr. J.J. Wang Artistic Director

In 2013 Al Razutis was contracted by Prof. Jian Jiang Wang of Lanzhou City University, Dunhuang Cultural Center, Lanzhou, China to create fully holographic 4D motion-picture "Apsaras" for use in theater productions of his "Tales of the Silk Road". These images and videos are from this project. Proprietary information is excluded in web postings like these. Hologram credits are typically contained in video pages.

'APSARA SERIES' - Anaglyph 3D video - 3 min. silent - China 2014 Holographic projection exhibition by Al Razutis

Apsaras holographic exhibition of large life size pulsed laser transmission holograms in China 2014 by Al Razutis - anaglyph video silent 3 min anaglyph video walk through
>> 'Apsara Series' 3 min. video clip on YouTube - in 3D

'APSARAS MASTERS' - brief selection of pulsed laser transmission hologram masters - by Al Razutis

Apsaras - pulsed laser transmission hologram masters - by Al Razutis - presented  in China 2014 by Al Razutis - 2D high definition video
>> 'Apsaras Masters' 1 min. 2D video clip on YouTube

Al Razutis - Visual Alchemy studio works: Motion-Picture Projections, exhibitions, holographic - aerial images in space. For information on investment opportunity to develop motion-picture holographics please contact Al Razutis directly at alrazutis@ymail.com.

Holograms displayed on web in analog red-cyan stereo 3D for ease and convenience, not quality
stereo 3D anaglyph glasses - red left, blue right

Holographic Projection see it in Stereo 3D

4D Holographic Motion-Picture Systems by Al Razutis (designer, developer) concern holographic images projected in space. These projects are documented in Stereoscopic 3D (anaglyph for web) and available for investment or partnership. Contact Al Razutis alrazutis@ymail to discuss your interests; this is B2B and NDA will be required. Give us a call when we're acquainted.

Motion-picture frames projected as TEXTURE MAPS - view placement of images in anaglyph 3D anaglyph 3D - red left, cyan right - photos by Al Razutis

click/enlarge in separate  window - Visual Alchemy 2014   click/enlarge in separate  window - Visual Alchemy 2014

PAGE of 2D photos of 'Apsaras' pulsed masters grouped by theme > 'Apsaras' hologram masters - sales page

APSARAS 3D: Three minute ANAGLYPH 3D video clip: Apsaras in Exhibition on VIMEO!
APSARAS 2D: One minute 2D video clip: Apsaras in Exhibition (.WMV video)

NOTE ON PHOTOS GRAIN: ALL 'grain' that appears in 2D or 3D photos of laser illuminated transmission holograms is an artifact due to 'Laser Speckle' of coherent light and diffraction imaged in a photographic/lens system. It is the noise of the viewing system only. This grain is NOT on the holograms or projections of them but appears in our eyes or imaging lenses. Future laser speckle reduction photos will be posted. All anaglyph and MPO 3D files contain laser speckle, as it is consistently present in holography depicted by photo optical means. Holography is not photography, but we do our best to represent it.

'APSARAS PROJECTIONS' with short narration - holographic projection and stagecraft - by Al Razutis - YOUTUBE

Apsaras holographic projections in China 2014 by Al Razutis - anaglyph video with brief narration
>> 'Apsaras Projections' 2 min. 3D video clip on YouTube

Holographics History at Visual Alchemy

Creations in Holographic Art and Designs since 1972

'Holographic History at Visual Alchemy'           Photos of Early Holographic Works           Hologram Art Sales

Holography was initiated at Visual Alchemy, Vancouver in 1972 owing in part to two consecutive 'Senior Arts Grants' from the Canada Council For the Arts, Penny Jacques, Film Officer. The early works were entirely experimental, not client-driven, and in the beginnings we built our lasers, lab and patiently explored the medium until it was time for public exhibition, namely 'Visual Alchemy' 1977 (Burnaby Art Gallery) which was also toured cross-Canada exhibition and included 'Canada Day' in Ottawa opened by then Prime Minister Trudeau and facilitated by Lorraine Monk NFB Photography Division Head.

For LARGE screens Holographic Art at Visual Alchemy by Al Razutis           Deja Vu 2010 Exhibition - history on exhibit and for sale by Al Razutis

Early Holographic Art by Al Razutis on YOUTUBE:

AL RAZUTIS  shows his holographic works in 3D excerpt on YouTube

West-Coast Artists in Light

3-Part Documentary on Holographic Arts

Al Razutis' documentary film project West-Coast Artists in Light has been conducted over several decades of filming. Beginning in standard film 2D early 1990's the project moved to stereoscopoic 3D film in the late 1990's, one that highlighted the 'spatial characteristics' of holographic art and artists working in their laboratories. The resultant 4-part film is available by special arrangement for public screenings.

Vol. 4 - West-Coast Artists in stereoscopic 3D

Ongoing 3D Video documentary on west-coast U.S., Canadian holographic artists

Produced and Directed by Al Razutis

Volume 4 continues the project in two important aspects: the continuing works of Al Razutis, the last remaining practicing west-coast Canadian holographer and the guy who brought holographic art to Canada in the first place,   plus the new research and documentation of the Sharon McCormack Collection and Archives.   In this stereoscopic 3D volume the works of Al Razutis and Sharon McCormack, Multiplex Company, SF School of Holography come to life in spatial 3D forms and videos!

Sample new releases - From West-Coast Artists 'VOLUME 4':

Stereo 3D video and Standard 2D videoclips from 'West-Coast Artists in Light' are viewable on YouTube XAR3D ('West-Coast Artists 2D' and 'Holographics 3D')
XAR3D channel of stereo 3D video in analog and digital formats, including West Coast Artists in Light, legacy 2D recordings of holographic artists, and  Holographics 3D playlist by Al Razutis

Wavefront Holography Magazine of the 80's

Critical Journal on the Arts and Commerce of Holography

Issues of Wavefront Magazine - On Line Selections of Articles

published editions of Wavefront Magazine by Al Razutis

Last On-line Issue of Wavefront Mazazine

Al Razutis' publishing project Wavefront Magazine was created in the 1980's as a journal of holography with the intention of combining both the business - technical aspects of holography with the arts of holography. The final paper edition was published in the 1990's, and final web edition published 2001. The history and contents of Wavefront Magazine Issues continues to this day to be a resource for the history of holography world-wide.