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We are creators of true holographics and 4D and 3D laser-imaging art and displays for art, commerce, architectural installation, home or public presentations and exhibitions. Our work spans decades in pioneering aspects of holography and hologrpahic displays and art and is not related to Pepper's Ghost illusions using video projection and transparent beam-splitter screens. Our true 3D products 'move' in four dimensionas, there are no gimmick words here. We will facilitate original custom creations or package existing works for exhibition.

Pulsed laser master transmission holograms - movie frames by Al Razutis  - Visual Alchemy 2015

Our projects are led by Al Razutis whose works began in the early 70's with pioneering works in 3D imaging and holographic art which has been exhibited internationally ever since. As project lead, he is experienced in all aspects of holographic production and related 3D media. As installation lead, he is experienced in supervising large public installations as well as gallery exhibitions. Tech. resume

"STEREOSCOPIC 3D/4D AND HOLOGRAPHICS" -- Essay by Al Razutis (2007)


In 2016 Al Razutis was designated as the "curator, archivist, preservationist and administrator" of the Sharon McCormack Collection and Archive - for posterity. This collection and archive is stored and exhibited at Visual Alchemy Studio on Saturna Island, BC, Canada. These holograms are not for sale but can be leased from us by your institution or home use.

These archives feature unique and remarkable works by Sharon McCormack in multiplex holography, embossed holography, for artistic and commercial audiences alike. They also include holograms and archives of the San Francisco School of Holography and also the Multiplex Company including the works of Lloyd Cross. These works can be leased with the following terms in mind.

Sharon McCormack Collection and Archives exhibit 2016 at Visual Alchemy


Recent holographic projects have featured projected-image holographics for motion-picture cinemas, kiosks, theater applications. This prototype work included pulsed laser holography and a proof of concept was exhibited in Lanzhou, China in 2014.

In 2015 Al Razutis obtained U.S. Patent Pending status on his invention and technology for 4D holographic motion-picture projection and systems. Disclosures of this invention and related technologies is only are made under legal NDA terms and circumstances.

'APSARA SERIES' - Anaglyph 3D video - 3 min. silent - China 2014 Holographic projection exhibition by Al Razutis

Apsaras holographic exhibition of large life size pulsed laser transmission holograms in China 2014 by Al Razutis - anaglyph video silent 3 min anaglyph video walk through

'APSARAS PROJECTIONS' with short narration - holographic projection and stagecraft - by Al Razutis - YOUTUBE

Apsaras holographic projections in China 2014 by Al Razutis - anaglyph video with brief narration

Al Razutis - Visual Alchemy studio works: Motion-Picture Projections, exhibitions, holographic - aerial images in space. For information on investment opportunity to develop motion-picture holographics please contact Al Razutis directly at alrazutis@ymail.com.


Original and unique works by Al Razutis, from the 1970's to the 2000's are available for sale or for lease. These works come with full documentation of previous exhibition histories. Additionally, the works contained in the Sharon McCormack Collection and Archives are available only for rent or lease, not purchase. Contact Al Razutis at alrazutis@ymail.com to discuss your purchase, lease or exhibition interests.

Holographic works by Al Razutis and Sharon McCormack and others for sale and for lease


Holographic Art for Sale or for Exhibition  by Al Razutis  - Visual Alchemy