Sculptures & Holographic Art by Al Razutis - 2007 - 2016

It starts with Newton and Escher,   dreamtime and steel...

Razutis holography from Newton to Basics hologram panel

'Back to the Basics'

Steel Sculpture on pedestal by Al Razutis, 2007

Stand-alone and subject for holographics - Maquette for large outdoor sculpture - installation.

photos of 2 views of 'Back to the Basics' sculpture - click for production page photos


photos of 'Back to the Basics' sculpture - click for enlarged photos

DESCRIPTION: Steel sculpture on plinth and transmission holograms - installation.
Original sculpture 'Back to the Basics' by Al Razutis 2007, 48 in. x 48 in. x 16 in. (1/4 inch steel);
sculptural subject for 'Dreamtime in the ruins' from 1/8" metal thin copy sculpture
produced at Santana Ironworks, BCS, Mexico. Collection of the artist


photos of


Back To The Basics

'Dreamtime in Bloom'

Outdoor Exhibition Photos by Al Razutis, 2008

photos of subjects and holograms 'Dreamtime in Bloom' - more photos page

Pictorials of Bloom and Hatrack

photos of 'Tuning Fork / Hatrack' by Al Razutis Mexico poses - click enlarge in separate window

A Blast From the Past


Wall Piece or Walk-On Floor Installation - simpler to just hang it - variable sizes - moving illumination preferred

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Al Razutis, 1974-76
48" x 60" x 4" wall piece / floor piece
36 silver halide reflection holograms mosaic in brass frame
Alternating virtual ortho and projecting pseudoscopic images
Present size due to initial constraints
Moving illumination preferred
Created by Al Razutis @ Visual Alchemy, Canada
Exhibition card - details, credits, exhibitions

'Dreamtime in the ruins'

Holographics for Installation by Al Razutis, 2007, 2016

Making the intangible tangible and vice versa

DESCRIPTION: Four Pulsed master transmission holograms according to the 'Views' - photos in 2D - Laser illuminated
Typically 20" x 24" in size plus atypical sizes. Holograms produced at Laser Reflections, Las Vegas, USA, Ron Olson Lab Director. Collection of the artist.

laser illuminated Dreamtime in the ruins by Al Razutis 4 views - 2D photos

Four Pulsed master transmission holograms 'Views' - photos in anaglyph 3D - Laser illuminated

laser illuminated Dreamtime in the ruins by Al Razutis 4 views - anaglyph 3D photos

Holograms are presented here in color anaglyph (red/cyan) 3D views for display of spatial image characteristics; ignore 'grain' or noise in photos - there is none in the master holograms.

Dreamtime in the ruins - 4 views  - master holograms and link to page

'Dreamtime" installation - 2015 photos

mixed-light illuminated Dreamtime in the ruins by Al Razutis 4 views - illuminated by mixed lasers and filtered white light

'Dreamtime' in exhibition featuring View 2 & View 3 illuminated by mixed laser and (light blue) filtered white-light - sample:

laser and mixed light illuminated Dreamtime in the ruins View 2 and View 3 by Al Razutis -  exhibition illumination simulated

"This series of works was originally conceived as holograms originating from my dreamtime experiences of 'old Europe' the post-WW II bombed out Europe, the Surrealist Europe, the Europe of past shadows and memories in/of infancy while I was in Baja Mexico in 2006.

ELEMENTS: The steel sculpture 'Back to the Basics' is intended to 'rust over time' - it is currently installed on my property in Los Zacatitos, Baja California Sur, Mexico. It is a 'physical artifact', solid, heavy, and placed on a plinth, and is capable of rotation to present various 'views' which are the subjects of the holograms. The steel is 1/4 inch thick throughout.

EXHIBITION: The holographic work, the 'Dreamtime in the ruins - Four Views' which comprise the piece 'Dreamtime in the ruins' can be exhibited individually or as a suite, but they must be specially illuminated with a blend of coherent and incoherent light to realize the 'Dreamtime' work. The physical sculpture from which the holograms derived. 'Back to the Basics' can be separately purchased or exhibited by contacting the artist. The sculpture presently resides on my property in Baja, Mexico.

ILLUMINATION: filtered white-light illumination - controlled spectrum - blue-green mixed with coherent laser is required, and shown her - these large master transmission holograms feature 'spectral smearing' of the maquette hard edges and 'flat planes' in the Dreamtimehologram 'Four Views'. This feature is the theme and the final form of this work. This is 'dreamtime' where shape and solids become 'fixed in their light' as planes of structures in a landscape rendered several meters deep as a city of facades and planes in space

SCALE - PROPORTIONS AND THE MAQETTE: This combined sculpture and holographic work is 'scaled down' for technical reasons, it is a 'maquette' of something larger, but not realized to date. If 'Back to the Basics' is re-created life-size (out of rigid materials) and 'to scale' for our human size to walk through, as installation in a park, a city, then it would realize the original and the final scale of the theme of 'Back to the Basics' and how it became 'Dreamtime in the ruins' and holograms.

THE NARRATIVES OF SCALES AND PROPORTIONS: These works feature narrativeS of images, tropes, art in settings, narratives which express in their own poetries, imaged surrealities. Not to a specified "scale", but featuring many scales. Not one "perspective" but many. It's a generational thing, and expressed in many new forms, but sometimes the same dream will befall us." (A.R.)

Holograms exhibited in October, 2010, Vancouver, Canada at Deja Vu - Exhibition of Holography and 3D

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For additional technical description of imaging & processing see Ron Olson, Lab technical notes

Deja Vu 2010 Exhibition - Surrogate and other works by Al Razutis in stereo 3D photo

HOLOGRAM ART SALES - Historical Holo-Sculptural Works


'Escher Falling'

by Al Razutis, 2007

Master Transmission Pulsed-Laser Hologram

Escher Falling by Al Razutis 2007
Escher Falling by Al Razutis 2007  - use anaglyph red-cyan to view in stereo 3D

Mixed-media - Hologram and lamination graphic, 2007, 20 x 24 in.
Sculpted scene created from M.C. Escher print Another World (1947);
hologram mastered at Laser Reflections, USA.
Collection of the artist

"This piece re-presents the paradoxical perspectives of M.C. Escher's Another World graphic, as decomposed into separate angled planes and recorded as master transmission hologram using pulsed green laser. The holographic image 'sets' the planes (and its perspective) in space, and the perspective translations of the Escher drawing are 're-imagined' within the holographic frame exposure, and combined with the laminated and superimposed graphic (the drawing itself on film).

CONCEPTS: This work deals with the suggestion of 'gravity' and 'falling' through space, with a nod to Sir Isaac Newton and his theories of gravity, light, based on Euclidean space. The arrangement of the planes and their angles is organized around my personal choices; this piece is about the interplay of the holographic (perspective) and the implied and paradoxical (in 2D) perspectives of Escher, subject to gravity, subject to space.

EXHIBITION: This is a large pulsed-laser master transmission hologram with laser illumination (as in previous exhibitions); to reduce 'speckle' a speckle-reducing 'filtration' which is commercially available or DIY is recommended. The image is sharp and deep. An achromatic Hologram copy or suitable alternative (white-light illumination, pale white image) is planned for future exhibitions but the refurbishing of the (fractured) glass cover sheet is required and venue and date for this complete installation are yet to be arranged." (A.R.)

Hologram in color anaglyph (red/cyan) and mono anaglyph 3D views to display image characteristics in space;
ignore 'grain' or noise in photos - there is none in the master hologram

Escher Falling - master hologram - Al Razutis 2007 - click/enlarge in anaglyph 3D
Escher Falling - master hologram - Al Razutis 2007 - click/enlarge in anaglyph 3D

'A Page Out Of Escher"

Al Razutis, 2015

18" x 24" - three rainbow transmission holograms collage in glass - Configured in exhibition for close-up viewing

click for enlarged view of 'A Page Out Of Escher' top details
click for enlarged view of 'A Page Out Of Escher'  details and full view

Preparing the work for the pulsed laser holographic camera - Laser Reflections, Las Vegas 2007

click for enlarged view of holo camera set up for Escher Falling by Al Razutis at Laser Reflections Las Vegas 2007

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For technical description> of imaging & processing see Ron Olson, Lab Director, technical notes - 2007

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