Recent Screenings:

Méliès Catalogue screened by Braquage at Tolouse (ESAV), France, March 26, 2018.

Melies Catalogue, a film by A Razutis

'Visual Essays: Origins of Film" - March 5, 2018 Screening in Paris, France at Braquage

Visual Essays Origins of Film, a film by A Razutis

Experimental film session, presented by Sebastien Ronceray.

'For Artaud' (Visual Essays) - January 25, 2018 Screening in Paris, France

'SESSION OF NOISE' -- Present Thursday, 25 January 2018, at 20 pm -- Programming: Shina Beaufour and Bastien Charrie In the presence of Pablo Mazzola, with sound accompaniment of Tomaz Burlin

For Artaud - Visual Essays: Origins of Film  by Al Razutis
BRAQUAGE - Current space - 56 Rue De La Reunion 75020 Paris / m. Buzenval or avron - 6 euros, info :

UPDATE - Avant-Garde Films On the Web:

'98.3 KHz: (Bridge at electrical storm', probably the most known segment film of "Amerika", also with no expiry date, now on line thanks to the prodding of Labocine -- it took decades to get the whole thing 'on the web'. I wasn't in a hurry. It's not going away soon.

frames from Bridge at Electrical Storm from Amerika - a film by Al Razutis

This film is posted on-line in its entirety on my VIMEO videos

also posted on-line in its entirety on my FACEBOOK Visual Alchemy studio page

The early film works continue to be exhibited and collected and featured in contemporary critical and historical writings. Originals and restored copies are housed at the Academy Film Archives, Hollywood, USA with thanks to Mark Toscano.


June 4th, 2016 screening of 98.3Khz: Bridge at electrical storm is at The Cinematheque, Vancouver, Canada in native film form along with a number of curated archived experimental films from the 1960's and 70's Vancouver underground - experimental film scene. These screenings are part of a full program celebrating the Cinematheque 'Archives Day' and features introductions, discussions.


2016 Screening of Visual Essays - Italy

"Sequels in Transfigured Time" from Visual Essays: Origins of Film be screened at the Pesaro Film Festival as part of Critofilm - Cinema che vede il cinema (Cinema looking at Cinema) - JUNE 22nd.

Sequels in Transfigured Time from Visual Essays: Origins of Film by Al Razutis

Pesaro Film Festival screening of Sequels in Transfigured Time from Visual Essays: Origins of Film by Al Razutis

Visual Essays: Origins of Film was featured in a 2015 critical analysis publication the Remix age - Exhibition as Archive by Viva Paci, Film Forum, 2016.

Visual Essays: Origins of Film by Al Razutis

The original and intermediate elements for "Visual Essays: Origins of Film " are archived at
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Archive, 1313 N. Vine Street, Hollywood, California, USA

2015 Avant-Garde Film Screenings

AAEON by Al Razutis (1970) screened at group show

Al Razutis

Al Razutis' 1970 optical printing classic AAEON was presented in a program of West-Coast Experimental Films joining other classic films and makers including Bruce Conner (Cosmic Ray, Crossroads), David Rimmer (Variations on a Cellophane Wrapper), and Pat O'Neill (7362, Runs Good) presented November 23, 2015 at The Cinematheque, Vancouver, Canada.

2015 AMERIKA Individual Films Screenings

Vortex & A Message From Our Sponsor by Al Razutis screened at Cinematheques in Canada.

Al Razutis' short films from 'Amerika' titled 'Vortex' and 'A Message From Our Sponsor' were screened in group shows of experimental films and makers in March and February at the Cinematheque, Montreal and The Cinematheque, Vancouver, Canada.

Film - Video Archives going back to 1967

Complete Archives of Films & Videos Produced and Exhibited

Film & Video Archives - works by Al Razutis

Film and Video Archives with text and frames from works by Al Razutis are listed on-line since 1996. These works go back to 1967 and include avant-garde films and experimental tone poems, performances, and film-video hybrids, in addition to stereoscopic 3D experimental films and videos by Al Razutis. An essential page for the historical contexts of these works by Razutis.

Other Exotic Forms of Experimental Filmmaking

'Early Motion-Picture Holograms' - Multiplex San Francisco

Sharon McCormack Collection and Archives

Early motion-picture holographic works by Multiplex Company and Sharon McCormack from Sharon McCormack Collection and Archives are on display now at Visual Alchemy Studio, Saturna Island, BC Canada. These holograms represent some of the earliest commercially successful inventions and displays delivering autostereoscopic (no glasses) 3D moving images in a holographic format. These works are contemporary with experimental works and experimental cinema on the west-coast of the USA in the 70's-90's.

This is the 'largest and most complete exhibition - collection - archives' of Multiplex holography & Sharon McCormack's works currently in existence in (all of) Canada and the US West-Coast. They are available for special exhibition, tours, installation. See McCormack Collection & Archives Terms for more information.

Multiplex motion-picture stereograms and embossed Holograms by Sharon McCormack - Collection

VIDEOS in 3D and 2D of Holograms @ Visual Alchemy (FaceBook)

TO VISIT this exhibit by special arrangement contact Al Razutis, studio owner and director. Visual Alchemy is located on Saturna Island, BC, Canada and is reached by air (from YVR South - or by BC Ferries (

4D Holographic Motion-Picture Projections

True 3D Film without glasses - Holographic Motion Picture System

Holographic Projection see it in Stereo 3D

4D Holographic Motion-Picture Systems by Al Razutis (designer, developer) is being developed by Surreality Innovations Inc. and Visual Alchemy Studio and is based on original R & D. This project is covered under USA Patent Pending and we're looking for investors to bring it to market. This is true holography not pseudo and comes with color and motion and sound. It is projected in space and was demonstrated to interested parties in China in 2013. Contact Al Razutis alrazutis@ymail to discuss your ivestment or partnerships interests; this is B2B and NDA will be required. Give us a call when we're acquainted.

Film Frames - Holographic Apsaras

Apsaras Series by Al Razutis (2013-2014) on exhibition in China

These six large pulsed-laser transmission holograms by Al Razutis - from the " Apsara Series" are now in the permanent collection of Lanzhou City University - Dun-Huang Creative Center, Lanzhou, China and are on exhibition at the Creative Center (DCC) since October 12th, 2014. Created in 2013 at Holograms on Main St., USA, with Allen Fox and Rob Taylor. Mei-man Lee model. Complete list of available masters

Legacy VR Movie Worlds

1990s Movie Worlds featuring MPEG movies in VRML Worlds by Al Razutis screened on the web since 1997.

Movie Worlds Mpeg movies in VRML 2

1990s Movie Worlds featuring MPEG movies in VRML Worlds by Al Razutis screened on the web since 1997.Original works produced at a artist in residency at Banff Media Arts Center 1997.


Al Razutis is a multimedia artist, educator and innovator in motion-picture film and video, holographic art and technologies, stereoscopic 3D video art, and web-digital graphics for websites and interactive 3D virtual reality.