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Media Artist and innovator, since 1967, in the areas of film and video,   avant-garde film,   video art,   holographic art,   stereoscopic 3D video,   digital graphics - web media and more recently speech-interactive avatars and interactive displays. His current works are in Holographic Projection Systems for theater and cinema applications.

His films have received a number of awards, including a 1988 Los Angeles Film Critics Award, and his media art works are found in a number of international collections and have been exhibited internationally, including a 1997 stereoscopic 3D video showing at the Louvre, a 2002 film-video retrospective at the Electronic Media Arts Festival in Osnabruck, Germany, and a 2004 exhibition of 3D video, film, video at SeNef, Seoul, Korea.

He also has an extensive background as a teacher in film production / film studies, is a past publisher of two periodicals on film and holography, and has invented / developed a number of film, video, holographic and 3D imaging techniques.

He has worked in Holography since 1972, which results in a very informed perspective on the evolution of holography as art and display and its futures; he was worked in Virtual Reality projects since 1997 with the inventions of VRML for web applications, and later speech-interactive real-time CG environments. Consequently, in 2009 and 2010 he has been involved as a contracted project lead and producer of speech-interactive avatars for Sonora Technologies Inc. This draws on his earlier work in 2000-01 when he was Head of 2D/3D Graphics for the Mission Corporation (Bellevue, WA) in developments of avatar-based speech-interactive graphical interfaces for next-generation (post-PC) environments.

He continues in 2015 with a project of holographic imaging for applications to theater stagecraft, content, and also cinema applications.

He has an extensive background as 2D and 3D motion-picture film and holographic arts producer, project lead and designer, critic, historian, writer, teacher and cultural activist,   with special skills as cinematographer,   videographer,   holographic systems and installation designer,   producer and director of films and videotapes,   screen-writer,   stereoscopic 3D videographer and editor,   internet site designer,   Speech-interactive Avatar UI designer   and HTML and VRML programmer-creator. He is also a writer of screenplays, prose, and prose-poetry.

Complete lists of published works by Al Razutis in all medias related to the arts and art history can be found at Curriculum Vitae - Art Bio. Examples of commercial (freelance and contract) web works can be found at Index of Demo Visuals. Present and past projects, exhibitions, presentations and film events form a long chronology at projects - exhibitions page.

Select works in film and holographic art currently available for sale & distribution can be found on the web at on-line orders page. For a text history of the Visual Alchemy studio, established in 1972 Vancouver, with links to photo galleries, visit the history page of Visual Alchemy Art Studio.

This web site is the ongoing creation of Al Razutis - with acknowledgements.

Al Razutis - Holography & 3D Technical Resume

Available for contract, freelance, or full-time work on cutting-edge projects in focused R&D environment,
preferably located on the west-coast of US or Canada. (US citizen, Canadian citizen)

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