Al Razutis

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Media artist, engineer and developer with 20+ years expertise in holography, holographic interferometry and holographic displays, stereoscopic 3D film and video production and exhibition, 3D and projection design and production for theater,  digital graphics and web media, speech-interactive avatars, virtual reality environments, and interactive public displays.




2015-2013 – Inventor and Holographics Technical Lead for Holographic Motion-Picture Projection System, Contracted to Lanzhou City University, Dun-Huang Cultural Center, Lanzhou, China. Developed and produced in Canada as a Visual Alchemy studio production (Al Razutis CTO, COO, project lead)


2012 – Exhibitor and Workshop Presenter, National Stereoscopic Association 3D-Con 2012, Los Angeles, U.S.A.


2010 - Holographic Installation lead, Deja Vu Exhibition of Holographic Art and Stereoscopic 3D, Vancouver, Canada


·         Venue selection, technical installation, laser and white-light illumination of holograms, maintenance of facilities and hardware for duration of exhibition

2010-2009 – Project Designer and lead, Sonora Technologies,  B.C., Canada


Inc., Canada, for presentation at B.C. Showcase, 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver, Canada.

2010-2007 – Producer-director-project lead, Pulsed Holography, independently produced at Laser Reflections, Las Vegas, NV, and Los Angeles, CA


sculptural subjects using GEOLA pulsed laser and holocamera.

2010 - Stereoscopic 3D film producer - director - stereographer, independent productions in   HD 3D, Los Angeles, CA


2010-1996 - Web-Master and Web graphics artist, Visual Alchemy, Los Angeles, CA, Saturna, Canada


clients  with client-driven designs (eg. Durfee Foundation, CA; Saturna

Recreation Centre, Canada; Anne Popperwell - Fine Art, Canada;   Jane Fontana, Los Angeles, CA;   American Museum of Beat Art, Los Angeles, CA;   Roberta Booth - Photographer, Hollywood, CA;  Hi-Q Industries, Arcadia, CA; SACOR Inc., Los Angeles, CA.) 

2008 – Technical Director & Lighting Director, XIII Lithuanian International Folk Festival, Los Angeles, U.S.A.


2001-2000 - Head of Virtual Reality and Animation, Mission Corporation, Bellevue, U.S.A.


·         Created and headed Web Graphics - 3D Animation - Virtual Reality department

at Bellevue, WA. start-up company.

·         Conducted R&D and product development in speech-recognition VR set-top box technologies.

·         Hired and managed a staff of 2D graphics artists, Flash animators, web-designers, 3D (Max and Maya) modelers and animators, virtual reality and speech-recognition artists. 

·         Managed technical designs, production, quality control, and schedules for creation of

prototype interfaces and demonstration displays.

·         Supervised demo development and presentations in Bellevue WA, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

1999-1995 - Documentary Video and Stereoscopic 3D Video producer-director, independent productions,  Los Angeles, CA, Vancouver, Canada



series of video and DVD documentaries on west-coast holographic artists.

which were resented at Southern California Stereo Film Festivals (1996, 1997, 1998)

·         Invited to present stereoscopic 3D video at the Louvre, Paris, France (1997), EMAF, Osnabruch, Germany (2002), SENEF, Seoul, South Korea (2004).

1992 – Researcher and Writer, ‘Laser Lab’ – Handbook and Lab Guide for High-school Physics, Hi-Q Products, Arcadia, U.S.A.


1992-1990  – Holographic Exhibition Installation Director, ‘Images in Time and Space’ – touring international exhibition of holographic history, science, and art, Burbank, Pasadena, U.S.A.


1987-1978 - Professor - Educator, Centre for the Arts, Simon Fraser University, Canada.

Associate Professor (Tenured) and Head of Film-Video program.


·         Created and oversaw film / video production and film studies curriculum at the

undergraduate level as senior member of academic department.

·         Responsible for hiring, budgets, curriculum and administration, and teaching of selected courses (film production, video production, screenwriting, critical studies, special

topics workshops, including holography) in four-year undergraduate program.

·         Acting producer in over 200 student film projects (many of which garnered awards).  (Resigned in 1987 to pursue independent production.)

1986-1984 - Publisher and Editor, 'Wavefront' holography magazine and

'Opsis' Journal of Avant-Garde and political Cinema., Vancouver, BC

1985  - Artist in Residence, Fringe Research, Toronto


·         Interferometric hologram mastering and multi-color white-light transmission hologram transfers using S. Benton techniques. This work has been internationally exhibited.

1978-1977  - Artist – Solo Traveling Holographic Art Exhibition, ‘Visual Alchemy’, Traveling international exhibition of holographic art by Al Razutis, touring 7 Canadian cities, and Seattle, U.S.A.


·         Creation and preparation for exhibition of 40 holographic works, including sculpture-holograms, wall pieces, projected works, transmission and reflection holographic works.

·         Design and preparation of all lighting, laser, and installation features required for traveling holographic art installation.

·         Appear in television and newspaper news stories on the subject of holography and art.


1976  - 1974 – Vising Faculty – Theater Design  - Holography & Projections, Banff Centre, Banff, Canada


·         Develop curriculum and technology for courses in holography and theater design for advanced students in theater design and lighting at the Banff Centre, Theatre Program.

·         Train lab assistant to assist in holography lab work by students.

·         Write a manual for holography, projection, and theater design and lighting to be used in the classes.

·         Supervise and evaluate all student work in the hologram laboratory and theater workshops and presentations conducted on the main proscenium stage of the Banff Centre.

·         Design with students a advertised presentation featuring motion-picture projection, computer graphics, live action filming, laser illumination, and theatrical lighting and props, and set design, for production and presentation.

·         Faculty direct presentation of student show on proscenium stage featuring motion picture projection, volume screen, props, laser projection, and lighting and sceno-graphic elements to a live audience.

1974  - Scenic Lighting and Projection Specialist, ‘What To Do ‘Untill The Messiah Comes’,   Ballet stagecraft, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Vancouver, Canada


·         Design with Ballet Artistic Director content for video projections on scenic elements and backdrops for the production ‘What To Do Untill The Messiah Comes’ ballet by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet in performance in Vancouver.

·         Create on video-synthesizer and film optical printer the film material from video sources suitable for both film and video projection on a theatrical scale.

·         Refine and adapt all film and video material for projection as per Ballet Artistic Director’s requirements.

1974-1972  - President, CEO-COO, Lab and Art Director of Visual Alchemy Inc., Film animation, special effects, video and holographic studio, Vancouver, Canada


·         Execute all responsibilities of owner, President, and CEO – COO, pertaining to all aspects of management and operations of registered company and media laboratory.

·         Develop and produce all necessary technologies in film animation, film optical printing, film editing, stereoscopic 3D film making and projection, video editing, video synthesis, bio-synthesis for the purpose of making art and offering client services to film makers and video makers.

·         Employ and train a staff of 3 to 5 lab assistants for various client projects.

·         Create and develop a holography laboratory for the purpose of creating all forms of holograms known, and to develop holographic motion-picture and projection technologies.

·         Teach workshops in holographic imaging to be conducted at Visual Alchemy.

·         Teach workshops and present screenings of works at educational institutions and universities.

·         Create a body of experimental films and videos for exhibition and distribution nationally and internationally.

·         Establish a free image-exchange for film makers to swap or deposit stock footage on film.

·         Create a unique laboratory of products and services and distribute examples of these works to the current day (2013).

·         Exhibit works in film, video, holography, or hybrid techniques of imaging in local, national, and international exhibitions.

·         Create a traveling holographic art exhibition named ‘Visual Alchemy’ for the Burnaby Art Gallery and trans-Canada exhibition, including the Science Centre in Seattle, U.S.A.  Some of this holographic art continues to be exhibited today (2012).

·         Create the first video-synthesis bio-feedback process in Canada (1974), first motion-picture animated hologram (1974), first touring solo exhibition of holography in Canada (1977), and first instance in Canada of interferometric hologram art (1974, 1983).

1972-1971  - Visiting Faculty Member, Evergreen State College, Olympia, U.S.A.


·         Develop unique curriculum for individual students in the arts of video, video-synthesis, film, and experimental and documentary film practices and history.

·         Supervise and evaluate individual students in media labs and on location on projects including film and video recording, editing, and presentation.

·         Collaborate with all faculty art departments in sharing of facilities and support of all projects taken to point of completion.

·         Create artistic works as faculty research in the areas of video art, film art, video-synthesis, bio-feedback with video.


1967-1963  California Western Univ. - BA, Major:  Chemistry, Physics   Minor: Mathematics, Biology (Cum Laude)

1968-1967 Univ. of California, Davis - (graduate fellowship - PhD program): Nuclear Chemistry. (Resigned)


International 3D Society, Member

Society for Information Display (SID), Member.

Citizenship:  USA, Canada