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2017 - Curating and Exhibition of holographic arts and archives of Sharon McCormack @ Visual Alchemy


Al Razutis now represents the arts archives of holographer Sharon McCormack as Curator and Trustee and Preservationist for posterity

This Collection and Archive is stored and preserved at Visual Alchemy Studio.   Curator and Archivist Al Razutis has initiated arrangements of exhibitions of selections from this work for 2017 (to be announced separately).
More illustrations in 3D and 2D and documentations of this Collection & Archive will be forthcoming in 2017
Contact Al Razutis directly at to discuss your exhibition interests.

VIDEOS in 3D and 2D of Holograms @ Visual Alchemy (FaceBook)

More subjects found on Sharon McCormack's work in stereo 3D DVD presentation: 'West-Coast Artists In Light' Vol. 3

3D Video of multiplex stereogram works by Sharon McCormack including "The Embrace" on YouTube
3 min. video in 3D or 2D YouTube 3D:
SHARON MCCORMACK shows her holographic works  in 3D excerpt on YouTube

To exhibit or lease works from McCormack Archives

Sample Multiplex stereograms and holograms in Stereo 3D Photos - Videos

VIDEOS in 3D and 2D of Holograms @ Visual Alchemy (FaceBook)

Stereoscopic 3D films for 2017

Burning Man 2015 filmed in Stereoscopic 3D and mono by Al Razutis

Burning Man 2015 in Stereo 3D

Al Razutis went to Burning Man 2015 and filmed the art, people, and various creations and events in a spontaneous setting and documented this world-famous 'anarchist art event'. These films will be released in 2017 as a single 2D film and a number of stereoscopic 3D experimental films by Razutis. More information will be coming upon each release and date, including 2016 New Fillm Release 'Scenes from Burning Man 2015' 13 min. short subject - HD & Stereoscopic 3D.

'Holograms in White Light'

2016 Summer Exhibition of Holography at Visual Alchemy - samples by appointment only

Holographic works by Al Razutis, Sharon McCormack, and notable others from Collection and Archives

Collage of pictures from present holographic exhibition at Visual Alchemy installed by Al Razutis

Holographic works by Al Razutis and Sharon McCormack from her Sharon McCormack Collection and Archives are on display now at Visual Alchemy Studio, Saturna Island, BC Canada by Appointment only. Additionally, selections from the nude pulsed holographic portraits of Ron Olsen (in the collection of AR) are also on view. This exhibition of 'white-light illumination' holography features holographic stereograms, embossed holograms, pulsed laser originated white-light reflection holograms, and dichromate (DCG) holography and art.

This is the 'largest and most complete exhibition - collection - archives' of Multiplex holography & Sharon McCormack's works currently in existence in (all of) Canada and the US West-Coast. It is available for special exhibition, tours, installation. See McCormack Collection & Archives Terms for more information.

Entrance - Room 1 - Holographic Art & Display in white light - Dichromate, Pulsed, and Multiplex Holograms - Various Artists

View of Room 2: Multiplex motion-picture sterepgrams and embossed Holograms by Sharon McCormack - Collection

VIDEOS in 3D and 2D of Holograms @ Visual Alchemy (FaceBook)

TO VISIT this exhibit and studio by special arrangement contact Al Razutis, studio owner and director. Visual Alchemy is located on Saturna Island, BC, Canada and is reached by air (from YVR South - or by BC Ferries (

There were no 'open house tours' in the 1970's at Visual Alchemy - Vancouver, but the Multiplex 'Ballerina' was there on the wall...

Visual Alchemy Studio entrance room with holograms 1974

Unique and Historical Holographic Art For Sale

Holographic Art by Al Razutis, classic and contemporatry, exhibited internationally - for sale or for exhibition - priced for 2016

Holographic Art Sales

Holographic Art by Al Razutis is for sale or for exhibition is listed in a page of selected works from recent and past historical periods. For photos and links to gallery title cards and more information visit this selection for 2016.

Contact Al Razutis directly at for a price list or to discuss your exhibition interests.

Avant-Garde Films Live On - Classic Films by Razutis

The avant-garde films by Razutis continue to be exhibited and collected and featured in contemporary critical and historical writings. Originals and restored copies are housed at the Academy Film Archives, Hollywood, USA with thanks to Mark Toscano.

frames from Bridge at Electrical Storm from Amerika - a film by Al Razutis

June 4th, 2016 screening of 98.3Khz: Bridge at electrical storm is at The Cinematheque, Vancouver, Canada in native film form along with a number of curated archived experimental films from the 1960's and 70's Vancouver underground - experimental film scene. These screenings are part of a full program celebrating the Cinematheque 'Archives Day' and features introductions, discussions.

2016 Screening of Visual Essays - Italy

Visual Essays: Origins of Film will be screened at the Pesaro Film Festival as part of Critofilm - Cinema che vede il cinema (Cinema looking at Cinema) - July 2016

Visual Essays: Origins of Film by Al Razutis

"Visual Essays: Origins of Film" was featured in a 2015 critical analysis publication the Remix age - Exhibition as Archive by Viva Paci, Film Forum, January 2016.

The original and intermediate elements for "Visual Essays: Origins of Film" are archived at
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Archive, 1313 N. Vine Street, Hollywood, California, USA

Visual Alchemy Studio Acquires Single-Frequency CW Laser

Visual Alchemy acquires new CW single-frequence laser for holography - anaglyph 3D photo by XAR

Single Frequency diode laser and laboratory optics for making high coherence length (deep) holograms was acquired from Gary Cullen, formerly 'Holocrafts' who has closed his lab in Tsawwassen, BC. This device will enable us to create both master and copy holograms in a variety of formats.

2015 Avant-Garde Film Screenings

AAEON by Al Razutis (1970) screened at group show

Al Razutis' 1970 optical printing classic AAEON was presented in a program of West-Coast Experimental Films joining other classic films and makers including Bruce Conner (Cosmic Ray, Crossroads), David Rimmer (Variations on a Cellophane Wrapper), and Pat O'Neill (7362, Runs Good) presented November 23, 2015 at The Cinematheque, Vancouver, Canada.

Legacy Virtual Worls - VRML 2.0/97

UROBOROS and related worlds in Virtual Reality Markup Language - by Al Razutis

UROBOROS VRML 2 HOME PAGE in Html by Al Razutis

These 3D Worlds were built in VRML CG 'virtual space' in natural (orthoscopic) 3D, feature video maps of touch sensitive objects and facades with music. Coded with love of adventure in virtual space. Poetic avant-garde subjects, internationally shown, with selections at the Paris 1997, and the European Media Arts Festival 2002 Germany.
VRML WORLDS UROBOROS by Razutis first premiered in North America in 1999 Vancouver, Canada at 'The Body Electric' exhibition.

Virtual Reality Worlds by Al Razutis

Histories at Visual Alchemy Studios

Film - Video - Holography - 3D & VR by Al Razutis 1972 - Present

In 1972 Vancouver Visual Alchemy Studio (Inc.) was created to pursue independent avant-garde films, synaesthetic video art, the newly emerging holographic arts and stereoscopic 3D which would later include interactive 3D VR. These pages attest to both the origins of these works and their public presence in exhibitions, education, and technological innovations.