As a brief description of the process:

Over the course of several days we produced transmission H1's on 18" x 24" and 20" x 24" filmplates (VRP-M holographic film laminated onto glass with optically clear adhesive film). The exposures were made with single 1J, 30 nanosecond pulses at 526 nanometers.We observed the reference to object beam ratio to be ~ 5 to 1 at the film plane. Our laser features a Nd:YLF oscillator and an Nd:Glass amplifier. Images were composed using the oscillator-only output (~1mJ) at 0.5Hz. Following the suppliers (GEOLA) recommendations, we used a process termed latensification (exposing the plates to a green LED for ~30 seconds) post-exposure and pre-developer. The silver halide (VRP-M) filmplates were developed in SM-6 for ~3 minutes, fixed and bleached in ferric nitrate until clear. Inspection was with ROH supplied DispLase featuring a 10mW green laser with beam expansion and beam homogenization optics. Scene depths of >2 meters were observed on each of the plates produced.

Ron Olson
Laser Reflections, Las Vegas