Projecting cinema for the web 2000 - 2010

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Holographic art and design services
Stereoscopic 3D HD production and consulting - design services
Speech interactive avatar design services
3D design services in web, video, VR, stereo 3D, and gaming

This media directory contains archived examples of flash - video players and links to content 2000 - 2005, updated 2010 by Al Razutis.
Read more on site 'projection' systems, content, design, recommended browser plug-ins and special viewing requirements at 'design-content'.

Other motion-picture web 'projection' examples also found on this site:
For motion-picture VRML 97 see Movieworlds - For animated avatars, speech recognition and legacy VRML see Avatar Mall.

For project development or custom players contact Al Razutis

Media players for IE 5/6 & Flash - screen selector based on Ilcélio Filgueiras Martins template.

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