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" be 3D or not 3D"

A Meta-Critical Sidebar On this very caterpillar subject...


"I am perplexed!"  said ALICE to the 'fractal-patterned' CATERPILLAR, who by now was almost totally enveloped in a thick cloud of smoke emanating from his hookah.

"What EXACTLY do you mean by that?" said the Caterpillar, looking about.

What Alice saw of the caterpillar... - click to enlarge

"Well, when I look at YOU with these FUNNY GLASSES, you appear to be made out of cardboard! A bit stranded between background, and foreground, I would say. And not very REAL, I might add," explained Alice with her usual politeness.

"Perhaps you need your eyes examined?" replied the Caterpillar.

"Oh no!"   cried out Alice. "I can see perfectly well, thank you!"

"Well then," said the Caterpillar, and with a puff on his mouthpiece,  "perhaps you need to see what is here from another...perspective. Something less PSEUDO?"

"There must be something more realistic than..." began Alice, as she flipped her glasses around, then back again..."More realistic than..."

"Ah!"  the Caterpillar cut her short.  "Reality, and all that stuff about 'space'',   is ALL IN YOUR HEAD!"   (and by now, he was quite INTOXICATED by the 'effects' in his own head...and quite quick to prescribe perceptual 'techniques'...)

"Something more realistic than...STEREOSCOPIC 3D and all these funny glasses?"  Alice wondered.

"Of course, if you REALLY INSIST...there is SOMETHING,"  intoned the Caterpillar,   "for you to see in Wonderland, a MOST CERTAIN place to visit...oh, I forgot, what-ever-it-is called!"

"Will everything appear real in this, whatever it is called, place? Will I be able to TOUCH that which I see?" asked Alice.

"Well YES and well, NO,"  said the Caterpillar.  "Things will appear to be REAL, to your way of seeing, at least. And somethings will appear to be QUITE REAL, almost SOLID,"  he explained.   "But you won't be able to TOUCH anything, after all..."  and he began to doze off.

"Wait! Wait!"  cried Alice.  "What is this place, what is it called?   Where CAN I FIND IT?"

"I is called, 'the whole something or other'...ah, yes... HOLOGRAPHY!,   and, come to think of it!, there is of"

And the Caterpillar dozed off, dreaming of wings, of ANGELS, of someday being able to 'fly'...all of which left Alice quite perplexed as to where to find this place called....'holo....something'! , and that place called.....'of...course!'........And then...she reached up...and touched that strange sign, which had become quite HOT! by now........



( Anaglyph wallpaper from Larry Berlin's   3D ZINE; Anaglyph Caterpillar POV Alice by Al Razutis  )   Anaglyph Glasses  

Use Anaglyph Glasses to view background & image

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