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FILM is defined here as motion-picture film on celluloid, not analog or digital video.
Credits:   All film production components (writing, producing, directing, cinematography, pix/sound editing and optical printing fx) are by Al Razutis, unless otherwise noted.

Titles - Details

On the Problem of the Autonomy of Art in Bourgoise Society, or...SPLICE, co-directed with Scott Haynes and Doug Chomyn, 23 min., 1986

Visual Essays: Origins of Film, multi-chapter film, 56 min., 1984

Containing the following individually released films:

Amerika, 176 min., multi-chapter 3-screen film, 1972-1983

Containing the following individually released films:

Excerpt From MS: The Beast, 28 min., 1981

Portrait, 8 min., 1978

Egypte, produced with the National Film Board, Canada, 12 min., 1977

Aurora 5 min. 1974 (film/video hybrid)

Synchronicity 7 min. 1973 (film/video hybrid) - music by Barry Truax

The Moon at Evernight..., 9 min., 1973

Le Voyage, 8 min., 1973

Visual Alchemy, 8 min., 1973

AAEON, 24 min., 1970

1967-1969, 12 min., 1969

Sircus Show Fyre, 9 min., 1968

Black Angel Flag...Eat, 15 min., 1968

Inauguration, 15 min., 1968

Poem: Elegy for Rose, 4 min., 1968

2 x 2, dual screen, 20 min., 1967

-- all film production (producing, concept, writing, directing, cinematography, picture and sound editing and fx) by Al Razutis, copyright holder,
unless otherwise noted.

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