Pulsed-Laser Holographic Art by Al Razutis

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- master transmission hologram and model

Image, hologram and content by Al Razutis 2007, 2015

The master transmission hologram was mastered by Razutis at Laser Reflections in Las Vegas, USA, with Ron Olson acting as holo camera and processing technician. The exposure was made using a GEOLA pulsed (green) laser and all scenes were set within the existing pulsed camera (mirror) environment.

The model in the hologram and picture is Heather Carolyn, a professional model whose interest in the project was welcome.

Additional H2 transfer tests were undertaken but a achromat H2 is yet to be realized. Currently, the master hologram is available for exhibition or purchase by special arrangement with the artist and copyright holder Al Razutis.

> Exhibition card Pose master hologram

> Technical details Pulsed Laser shoot - processing

Additional images of 'Pose' are at FLASH WEB GALLERY 2007

Citations - Exhibitions
Pose hologram & photo featured in the paper "Classification of Holograms and Types of Hologram Used in Holographic Art", by Vildan Isik,
International Conference on Communication, Media, Technology and Design, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014

3D Images (anaglyph) of 'Pose' master hologram and installations by Al Razutis 2007, 2015

- exhibited at Deja Vu 2010 exhibition

click/enlarge - 'Pose' master transmission hologram by Al Razutis 2007       click/enlarge - 'Pose' master transmission hologram by Al Razutis 2007       click/enlarge - 'Pose' master transmission hologram by Al Razutis 2007


'Pose For Andy'   Al Razutis 2015

Hologram Sales page - Pose For Andy 2015

Al Razutis, 2015
11" x 36" four rainbow holograms collage
Silver Halide WLT (Benton) transmission Holograms in glass
Installation comes with peeping apertures stand for close-up viewing
Created by Al Razutis @ Gary Cullen lab and @ Visual Alchemy, Canada
White-light illumination

'Touch Me' and 'Touch Me Not'   Al Razutis 2007, 2015

Hologram Sales page - Touch me

Al Razutis, 2007, 2015
14" x 20" and 20" x 24" pulsed laser masters
Silver Halide transmission Holograms on glass
presented in multi-plate installation only
Created by Al Razutis @ Laser Reflections and @ Visual Alchemy, Canada
laser illumination

Figure studies - master transmission holograms 18" x 24" & 20" x 24"

Image, holograms and content by Al Razutis 2007
Labs: Pulsed laser, Laser Reflections, Las Vegas: Paxton Holographics rainbow by Paxton, Burbank, CA 2010

click/enlarge - 'Blow' master transmission hologram by Al Razutis 2007
'Blow' 20" x 24"
master transmission hologram
- study piece

click/enlarge - 'Touch Me' master transmission hologram by Al Razutis 2007
'Touch Me' TM-3 (3 of 3)
18" x 24"
master transmission holograms

click/enlarge - 'Touch Me/Not' master transmission hologram by Al Razutis 2007
'Touch Me'
< master transmission hologram - view down
- Anaglyph 3D photo

click/enlarge - 'Touch Me/Not' rainbow WLT 2 channel  transmission hologram by Al Razutis and Chuck Paxton 2010
'Touch Me/Not'
WLT (Rainbow) holograms 2010 study piece
by Paxton Holographics

Heather Carolyn

Model with pulsed-laser holo-camera Las Vegas, 2007 Al Razutis shoot
click/enlarge - 'Touch me' model Heather Carolyn, Las Vegas shoot with pulsed laser holo-camera

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