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Healing with Light

TITLE:   The Important Role of Holographic Light in the Emerging Field of Mind Body Healing

AUTHOR:   Roberta Booth

ABSTRACT:   Healing with color has been researched and documented worldwide for centuries and has it's origins in ancient Egypt, Greece, China and India. Ancient esoteric wisdom and modern physics both suggest that we are literally beings of light. Every single part of the brain and every cell in the body is affected by light. At the (Holography 2000) conference I will give a brief historical overview of light therapy.

Chinese and Russian scientists demonstrated that the acupuncture meridians transmit light. Dr. Peter Mandel, German chiropractic physician and acupuncturist, states that the acupuncture points are especially sensitive to electromatnetic waves within the visible spectrum of light, and the meridians provide a precise pathway for light to induce energetic shifts.

Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, a German biophysicist has demonstrated that all cells communicate by light within the spectrum of visible light and microwave energy and all cells constantly emit and absorb small pockets of electromagnetic radiation or light, called biophotons.

The harmony or disharmony of cells has been demonstrated thru Kirlian Photography invented by Russians Semyon and Valentina Kirlian. Phototheraphy and light research are being practiced worldwide.

In the United States, Dr. Jacob Liberman, Director of the Aspen Center for Energy Medicine, has written an influential book, "Light: Medicine of the Future". In 1992 the first Light Years Ahead Conference was held. Dr. Brian Breiling brought together experts in the field to discuss the many potentials of light theraphy.

My present research in this area has focused on coherent wavelengths thru the use of holography. It's therapeutic applications of color healing in this research are both critical and fundamental. My current work, "The Chakras" (seven reflection holograms on silver halide), relates to the wheels of light described in the earliest recorded Indian history. I will discuss the holograms, the chakras, this ancient metaphysical system under the new light of popular western metaphors and visionary art, how the chakras relate to the seven colors of the rainbow, the electromagnetic waves and the connection to color holography in healing light therapy.

In arriving at my conclusions and demonstrable facts, I will be citing concurrent research in color healing and the important areas of research that are necessary to have significant impact on future directions. Holography in the future will constitute a major frontier in discovery.

Paper presented at HOLOGRAPHY 2000 - Austria    

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New Subjects of Representation

TITLE:   Non-Linearity, Complexity, Interconnectedness: New Subjects of Representation in Holographic Art

AUTHOR:   Al Razutis

ABSTRACT:   Developments in theories of representation that are particular to the arts of holography necessarily must involve the contemporary physical and cultural sciences. The sciences and methodologies of Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory, Chaos, Semiotics, and Post-Modernist psycho-linguistic analysis suggest the end of the object of classicism and neo-Platonic idealisms, as well as the object of Cartesian space-time. Current cultural analysis and networking of information and aesthetic expression also suggests the end of the individual subject (artist) of Modern and Post-Modern art.

Citing published works by Capra (1996), Wilber (1998), Bohm (1980), I will demonstrate that the nexus of contemporary scientific and cultural inquiry implicates non-linearity in form, iteration and complexity in purpose, interconnectedness in social valuation and physical reality. This present-day nexus clearly points to a rejection of the essentialisms and reductions of Platonic, Pythagorean, Materialist, Metaphysical, Modern and Post-Modern (psychoanalytic) determinations, valuations, dualisms and ideals.

Citing my own holographic art works (Stress Topography Series -- 1983) which utlizize interferometric recording techniques and present 'non-objective' representations, I will point to an emerging 'Crisis of the Object' which extends beyond the relocalization of the site of meaning via the more traditional (Modern and Post-Modern) aesthetic principles of installation art, assemblage art, or the art of abstraction.

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