Elegy for Melies written and performed by Al Razutis in Sequels in Transfigured Time


"This, then, is an elegy for Melies.
Once, having created films terrestrial, aerial, and igneous,
of Ededenlost and found,
all hieroglyph and metaglyph,
emulsion formed, light borne.

"Having created this, a grand full moon hotel,
like tapestry of magic, metaphor and farce,
each room, each night,
these spirits, telescopes, seashells, acrobats, and temptresses!
Fantastic machines! Disembodied heads,
crazed gods and quick change artists,
chameleons in the guise of planets.
and Melies, the devil's own,
all coming, going, as expeditions to dream.

"Having created a stop-motion universe,
inventing change within a pause,
from omnibus to hearse, reapparitions formed.
Magician! and mosaic extraordinary.

"Having created motion pictures as nothing less,
Georges Melies....ghost!"