VRML 2.0 Worlds - Motion-Picture Maps - Animation (Al Razutis, 1996 - 2000)
For High-Band Connections with AGP 4X/8X 3D Graphics
link to 'Jane Fontana - Virtual Stage'
link to 'Fieldsquare' world
link to 'Stairs' world

click for VRML 2.0 page -'Multiple Office Scene - Model Strut'
click for entry to MASTER WORLD - UROBOROS VRML 2.0
Viewing Requirements:   These VRML 2.0 worlds are optimized for COSMO PLAYER 2.x
which you can download and install free (for WINDOWS - PC ONLY).
This SGI plug-in is the best VRML player ever developed to read true code specification
and the recommended plug-in to I. Explorer 4.x/5.x/6 or Netscape 4.x/7 (NOT 6.x).
For VRML content a JAVA Virtual Machine (VM) must be installed / enabled in your browser

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