From 'Nothing Cute Manifestos' - May / 2002:
A 'Prose-Rant' - (proud of it - sic of discourse) - Against the Left Merging (with) Fundamentalisms (May, 2002 - XAR):


Man, this is the age of rhetorical abuse (of language). Terrorists, indifferent to who they kill that particular moment, masquerade as 'freedom fighters' on their way to 'paradise'. And their spin doctors work the web, TV, news feeds to make it 'right'.

(Well prepped Palestinian Mom poses with 'soon to be martyr' son, wishes him well, wails in her shawl for CNN TV at the 'news of his martyrdom', proclaims 'death to all Jews and Americans' at his funeral, collects 30 grand from the 'Authority', before from Saddam Hussein, all the while HAMAS and it's ilk smile on, pose babies for poster shots, and 'LEFTIST' protesters, mainly from the West, take up the chant: 'Death to the Capitalist West!')

'What about the day-care centers of the Hezbollah?' the 'discursive' argumentalist might go.

Fuck the revisionist LEFT! Their punk-ass demos (the fashion of the bandana, catch a bus, burn the flag, trash MacDonalds, praise the 'uprising', damn the 'global' and the 'capital', piss off the cops, use the PC phone tech, charge the card, change the clothes, back to class, get an 'A' from the middle-aged instructor who actually wants to fuck your girlfriend) This is required for Islamic media studies 101. And don't forget to watch BBC, which is full of spin doctors on 'Jenin masacre!'.

Flash forward to 2010:
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Now back to 2002?

This is the age of the 'MEDIEVAL RESURRECTION', of fundamentalists (especially MUSLIMS, or have you been asleep?) proclaiming 'death to the West!' (the Canadians, thinks they are 'separate'...they think they're 'social workers', 'friends to all') and a return to the no fun, pain is good, superstition rules, DARK AGES, chants, prayers, on your knees! and all.

And the fasionable 'LEFT'? It thinks this shit ('peace brother!') is 'negotiable'. It thinks, in the mis-appropriated name of 'anarchism', that it's 'oppressor' is the very system (academic, union, worker, teacher, student, welfare recipient, or wannabe) within which they flourish, while their 'brothers' and 'sister's are oppressed 'freedom fighters' and their killing fields. (Think: 'What freedoms under funadamentalist Islam?' Or ANY FUNDAMENTALISM?)

And YOU KNOW WHAT ARMAGEDDON END the fundamentalist Christian AMORAL majority prescribes for the world, and Jews alike? (You should know your bedside Gideon traveler's BIBLE BOOK. Or else you miss the 'jokes on them' part.)

(Did you see what happened, 9/11? NEW YORK and WASHINGTON ATTACKED, without the LEFT uttering condemnation, but leaving us with blame, analysis, and more linguistic slogans. Yes, did the 'Left' complain - debate amongst themselves, or were they stampeding to the mikes to blame? 'Thoban! Thoban! Eeeee.' Did leftist politicians send condolences, did leftist academics make a call to RESIST the JIHAD waged? Or were they Chomsky chumps, once more to reappear on 'third world TV spots'. And did the more 'moderate' elements of Islam citicize terrorist actions, or was it all about 'their rights to free speech' in London mosques?

Always we heard the rhetorical below the belt counter-punch by the Academic - Union - Left: 'America deserved this because of it's support of Israel and their treatment of the Palestinians'.)

'Who speaks for Palestinians?' (The polls tell a medieval tale of wanton murder and suicide)

No kidding. The Left doesn't seem to get it when Bin Laden demands a return to the 1400's map (Andalusia - Spain returned to Islam); they don't get it when the Muslim clerics shout death to us all, convert to Islam or die. 'Stop the bombing', 'give peace a chance', 'no more war' is what the demo left prescribes, while another round of bombers boards their terror trains.

University professors sitting in offices, students sitting in libraries, politicians sitting on the can....condemnations and pronouncements are 'easy living'.

And what freedoms are the 'Global' demonstrators protesting in support of? A medieval dark-ages of fundamentalist LAW? (Pick any church of funamentalism! Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu, and on...) A theocracy that oppresses women, intellectuals, democratic and religious differences? A police state run by clerics that implements inquisitions, torture and killings in the name of (Sharia or other) LAW? A system that encourages a 'return to' 'paradise' based on suicidal 'martyrdom' and faceless MASS KILLINGS? A system that lies to the Infidel 'west' about it's true motives, since us westerners are either useful for our (to them, 'whore') women, or as potential slaves to their economies and 'religious' beliefs?

'How about the millions of dead Iraqi Children?' (How about the real millions murdered by Hussein?)

And what's left of the 'LEFT' just marches on to the next TV op, confidently, appropriating old Leninist slogans, failed state communisms, misappropriated anarchisms (black flags, no less!), demanding 'rights' (under the 'constitution'?) for those who would (and did) kill us infidels all, and pissing on the very freedoms that cost so many lives to end that very same medieval era they wish to resurrect!

( The hackers think they're 'cool' in conventions held in Las Vegas land: bring down the fundamentalist sites? Preserve the freedom of the Web? Hell, no. The dumb shit hacker culture targets YOU, free e-mail, corps, and just about anything EXCEPT the mullahs and their terror states. Some heroes, these? )

You think that Palestine is all there is? That 'resistance' stops there? Your ship, of fools. Israel is not the first, or last issue. (There's Bible belts and tribal claims for everything and everywhere!) The Islam bros want the WHOLE WORLD UNDER FIST. They fuck the refugees; they'll fuck you next. The fundamentalist world domination view is total, and without retreat. And every demo bitch that spreads for that world view, every bastard that waves flags and smashes windows in support of that world view, is sick - mistaken if they think that the medieval bonfire isn't for them the next time around. (Remember the left supporting the Ayatollah in Iran? Know what happened to them once the clerics came to power?)

History according to Arafat's archaeologists? (No Jews ever were there?)

The left is still around in academia, unions, and the streets, disorganized except when TV or elections call and unthinking slogans rule the mob: ANTI-SEMITIC LEFT, the ECO RULES-left, the fat cat union worker left, the student who ain't seen nothing yet left, the white middle-class left who thinks that GAP should go, but jihad shouldn't. The left that hold candlelight vigils for mass murderers and sadists, crying when the switch is pulled. The guilty left that want to 'give it all back' to the 'poor' (and their dictators), the spoiled rotten left who'll forget the 'cause' the minute it gets REAL (when toilets plug, and plumbers are on strike). The constitutionally emboldened left that argues 'rights', but not for victims of the terror train. The romantic left of phony 'anarchists' who think the 'state' and 'capitalism' reside in dusty books of revolutions past. The ANTI-AMERICAN LEFT that thinks it's got a shot at 'peace and freedom' when Mullahs and Ayatollahs bring back the MEDIEVAL LAWS prohibiting thought.

The dumb shit left, alive and well, in ACADEMIA, professors RULE.
They give the grades. You take the loan.
They fuck. You work. Check out the rules.
'You ready for the shoot?'
We'll place some frontline center, here, these 'human-shields'!
The Student Union Muslim bros, the KKK Hamas, is off-screen, right!
The chants are blaring. 'GOD WILLING THIS! GOD WILLING THAT!'
Now, dumbshit honky kids from Evergreen State art schools, stand by,
for ...ACTION!

(ah yes, a poem for the 'art school scene' where future's made:)

(which teaches still, and curates always),
the same old bunch that wrote all those
'theoretically informed - analytical texts'
invoking Marx and Lacan,
now revised endlessly in their 'Acoustic Mirrors'

(is still in charge. Behind the scenes.
Jurors at 'work': with fraudulent pasts well hidden in their resume conceits.)

which prescribed THEORY over imagination,
dabbled in socialism, deconstruction, anarchism,
now BRAIN DEAD with their Cuban cinema,
BUSY busy busy, making calls...

(How many conferences left before retirement?)

The LEFT which leaves nothing but
'give PEACE a chance', 'let's TALK',
and 'STOP the BOMBING'
and other 'anti-imperialist' conspiracy toons

(They are of retirement age,
they want to die, peacefully, with HONORS
and AWARDS, I kid you not.),

The LEFT that wrongly presumes that one can 'reason' with religious fundamentalists and socio-pathic Mullahs hell-bent on their exclusive 'paradise'
with 76 'virgin' students, who need not apply.

( The fucker fakirs fuck their students,
put out a call for more: 'submit your tapes!'
to 'Underground Zero!, 'you'll get the fame!' )

No candlelight vigils for mass murderers here!
Go fuck yourself, clean up your own.

ONE could,
but one could say to them:
'Stop your prescriptive 'theories' on what shall constitute IMAGINATION!'

(They'll laugh at such 'uninformed' speech;
their polished sentences are 'objective', 'linked'.)

One could
but one call to them:
'Stop your LIES and your anti-global
back-to-nature-and-bicycles VENTRILOQUISM,
ignoring victims' pain,
in favor of your favorite 'client's rights'!'

(But they are rich on appeals,
rich on guilt and explanations,
jusk ask the lawyers, Mullahs and their Freudo-Feminists entrenched in women's only studies.)

SO NOW what's LEFT?

That's YOU:
Among the Left, who insisted Queer Video is 'politically correct' (a Nation, yet, not just correct! A truth? kidding, this), until you died of AIDS, and blamed the CIA,
who traveled to Chiapas on government subsidies, your cameras ready, became some Zapa-tourists (a little Mayan spoken too?), who organized in CARFAC news, some shows of 'solidarity!' for anti-NATO Serbs, atrocities forgotten then, who taught and hid as organizers of mayhem at WTO, who defended Taliban 'rights to worship', who hugged trees and forgot people, who promoted all the venomous anti-US and pro-fundamentalist 'rights' (to kill us all), who masqueraded as progressive in your pants academics with rich salaries, benefits, and pontificating far from the front lines...

'You, among the LEFT, who let the 'law and order' RIGHT become police-state governments (in middle Easts, Euros, Amerikas, and marxist Afrika), who left your laundry OUT with old stale Leninism-Stalinism-Maoism slogans, clinging like shit to the new, who betrayed us and anarchism by playing 'anonymous' POWER-PLAYS, who lit candles for suicide bombers, and not their victims, who supported those who would censor and kill us all...

you fucks are the DEAD that refuses to DIE!'


Something more 'reasonable'?

The left’s unholy alliance with the Islamist right Terry Glavin December 2, 2010 – 10:51 am
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