(...and just in case you thought I was kidding:)

The Kanon of Kanadian (Film) Kulture

...according to the AGO's Jim Shedden,

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Mon, 3 Aug 1998 08:53:16 -0400

Shedden's 'Recommended Readings' of (Canadian) Texts on Film Theory:

Spirit in the Landscape (by Bart Testa - on landscape in Canadian
avant-garde film, including essays on Snow, Elder, Chamers, Rimmer,
Wieland, Sternberg, Kerr, and others)

Recent Work from the Canadian Avant-Garde (ed. Jonasson & Shedden)

The Body in Film (Elder - short "sketch" of longer, more sustained work
recently published by Wilfried Laurier University Press)

David Rimmer (ed. Shedden, with major essay by Katie Russell, annotated
bibliography by Kathryn Elder)

Presence and Absence: The Films of Michael Snow 1956-1991 (ed. Shedden,
with contributions by Bart Testa, Bruce Elder, Kathryn Elder, Steve Reich,
Jonas Mekas - includes bibliography, filmography and documentation on film
and video-related works)

Richard Hancox

International Experimental Film Congress (sold out)

Back and Forth: Early Cinema and the Avant-Garde (Bart Testa)
Jim Shedden
Curatorial Educator
Contemporary Art Department
Art Gallery of Ontario

the only authors missing here, from the Experimental Film Congress board are:

Barbara ('Tending Towards the Horizontal') Sternberg
Mike ('New Experiments: Recent Films from Canada's Avant-Garde') Zyrd

But, presumably, that is because the above treatises were barely literate, not informed by Elder's 'need', and, besides, it's only a matter of time before all the revisionists get together (again) to further 'revise' the OFFICIAL 'KANON' of what constitutes 'KANADIAN (FILM) KULTURE' - through the eyes of TORONTO, anyways....
More postings will come, you can be sure!