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(Communists, Fascists, Clerics and other toxic compounds)

A 'Prose-Rant' - (proud of it, sic of discourse) - Against the Left Merging (with) Fundamentalisms (April 3, 2003 - XAR):

'We the people...' would like to say 'Good Bye'

to the Empowered Left, (State or Anarcho) Commies and neo-Stalinists, Leninists-Workerists), the Moronic Left-Right (Fascists, Zionists, Nationalists, National Socialists, Survivalists), Holy Mullah States (Clerical Totalitarian Theocracies run by cretins with no philosophical relation to their religious founders Moses - Jesus - Muhammad, or their people). And say good bye to tribal warfare amongst the superstitious Fundamentalist - Medieval strains of world religions (Al Queda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Army of God, etc.).

That's what the majority of 'we the people' would like. So said the polls in countries that are free to poll, or vote, or say.

But hey, we must be 'dumb'. We must need a 'vanguard' demo (orgs and their parties/hive-members ) to make us 'see the truth', beyond the 'phony media' manufacturing 'phony consent'! So says the demo left, the Chomsky left, so say they all and on behalf of ALL 'the people'!

Too bad that 'most of us' are are not in tune, not there on demo day, not dressed, nor making noise. Too bad we're only 'RE-PRESENTED' in the 'anti-war' and 'anti-global' left as 'THE PEOPLE' that wish to see the 'poor' get paid (whatever they 'want'), the palestinians get their's (whatever they 'want'), all people of color get empowered (whatever they 'want'). And then, we'll all be 'at peace'? Whatever they want? Who pays? Who dies? WHATEVER? WHO? WANTS? So say the demo left, on behalf of 'THE PEOPLE'. So say the CHOMSKY CHUMPS on behalf of 'the truth' behind the 'propaganda lies'.

Who's talking now? For whom?

The dumbshit demos LITANIES OF BLAME are always quick to fix the blame: on 'Bush' and 'USA'. They call it 'STATE TERROR', and the terrorists they call their bros.

Who's talking now? For whom?

The demo rabble left hates guns, and bombs, hates NATO too! Who cares if Kosovars are tortured, burned?
'NATO out of Greater Serbia!', NOT WHEN, BUT NOW!, we read their Bill Horne CARFAC toons.

while torture chamber victims scream, the honky 'human shields' from art schools north, come down to DEMO DANCE before the HOODED CLANS of HAMAS and HEZBOLLAH
(you know the tune, 'DEATH TO AMERICA!', 'DEATH TO THE JEWS!')

Like lemmings rushing to the edge, and in the name of 'peace', 'WE'RE HERE FOR YOU!'...

Or have you been living 'without TV'?

The 'manufacture of (leftist) discontent'

Professor Chomsky stands and delivers (this time, Z-Media, on tape): 'Every oppressive state (U.S. included) saw 9/11 as a WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY to INCREASE REPRESSION against their DISCIPLINE their own people...and this attack has been used as an excuse (by the Bush administration) to oppress the immigrants, illegal aliens, defenceless people...and it's not directed at the priveleged class...'

No shit? The priveledged class?

No shit. A well-paid well-read priveledged PROFESSOR CHOMSKY, always looking 'shy' for the camera, actually SAID that.

The 'US GOVERNMENT', which he compares to NAZIS and COMMUNIST to blame. Israel is to blame. But Islamo fascists get 'off the hook'?

And offering the usual pious line, he adds: "IF THE POPULATION ACCEPTS".'s back to us! (I told you so.)

The 'most of us' (so said the polls, so said the votes) accepted laws and war, Guantanamo included. We supported going after the Taliban terrorists and their Al Qaeda bros. "Intollerable!" says Chomsky, right there, on tape. "Guantanamo is OUTRAGEOUS!" says Chomsky, right there, on tape.

'America deserves what it got? For supporting the Jews?'

You bet. Professor Chomsky, a Jew, no less... (this guy's a LINGUIST, too! He knows about the 'manufacture of consent'. He knows about how speaking works...he knows about the demo left...he knows about...all this, and YOU) Let's not forget! Who's shitting who.

"To call it a 'war against terrorism', however, is simply more propaganda... To do so would at once reveal that the U.S. is a leading terrorist state, as are its clients."
-- Noam Chomsky, 9-11, p. 16

Whose war is this?

The loud and demo Left has become the 'moral spokesperson' for everyone, especially the third-world 'oppressed', in whose name well-paid professors and Hollywood stars pretend to say 'how it is': "It's Bush's War! It's war for oil! It's war against the people, us!"

Let's hear it for the blathering Michael Moore! Let's hear it for Sean Penn in Bagdad! Let's hear it for the Hollywood solution to world poverty and alternative energy! Yeah, sure.

Another case in point? Made in Canada:

'The disgrace of Svend Robinson' - National Post Editorial, October 6, 2003.

I should have written this a long time ago.

It could have been written (by someone else) in the 30's, when Stalin and Hitler were in power, and the French Communist Party was dismissing the Gulag Archipelago as a bourgoise western hallucination. Times would change, the graves would be opened, but comrade Sartre would die rich and famous. No justice, there. New prisons and graves are opened daily in Iraq. The demo left is mum on this. Their inflamatory marxist profs are tenured, safe. No justice here, no justice then.

I should have written this last year. Anti-semitism in Canada was rising, high. Everyone, from academics to unionists were blaming the 'Jews' for the jihad against the west. The post-WTO anti-war demos were starting up, the US was the 'villain', Iraq's 'people' were the upcoming victims, and all of this supposedly was the same 'pattern' of 'US Imperialism' as professed by MIT Chomsky and other academic morons giving grades in their classes based on agreeing with the prof. I should have, would have, could have written this, but didn't. I apologize to some of you who forwarded to me (as the world does) these accusations against the 'west'. I should have responded, and instead hit the 'delete' button. I apologize for being 'late' in response.

But the recent upsurge in 'anti-American-imperialism' diatribes from the Left, from 'informed analysts' and Islamo-Fascist groups, from academic Chomskyists to state-run media outlets (CBC, BBC) has reached a certain din that obliterates the facts and hypes the fictions of '500,000 dead Iraqi babies!', 'Jenin Massacres!' and anything that will play on 'world news tonight'.

co-anchored by Information Minister Saeed al-Shahaf as 'HIMSELF'!
(Arafat's 'peace negotiator', joint Swiss-checking-account co-signer,
and maybe nominated for Pulitzer Prize consideration
as the author of the so-called 'Jenin Massacre'
that fed anti-semitic hysteria in 2002 Europe, until UN-proven false).

Who is the ventriloquist for the dummy's spin?

This year, the demos went big time. Middle class families with babies joining masked terror wannabes in marches for "peace". 'Stop the bombing, stop the bombing!' Thousands marched to save a fascist, dying, totalitarian regime. Thousands marched for clips on world TV. And the recent demos, slogans, and John Lenin resurrections had finally killed the notion that 'dialogue' or 'discussion' are possible with those who have learned to spin so well, or that we are dealing with rational demo people. And it has made me angry for being so silent for so long.

"Let the American infidels bask in their illusion"...
"I triple guarantee you, there are no American soldiers in Baghdad. Never!"
- Iraqi Information Minister al-Sahaf

It's time to act upon the principles of social justice and compassion, without religious bias or capitulation to the mullahs and the monks. It's time to share the facts, and hold those ideologues and spin meisters accountable for their lies. It's time to support your freedoms and your culture, because without them there is a 'darkness' and an 'age' that is only too well known. It's time to defend your freedoms from the Right and from the Left, because they've both gone mad.

And just imagine thinking / saying this in a place that would kill you on the spot for doing / saying so. Just 'imagine' that! And cut the crap about the 'liberation fronts' which you don't know.

(To be continued with an archive of images illustrating slogan 'fact'. Time to go. 'I'm sorry I am late to class'...Professor Chomsky calls'. )

April 2003, Saturna Island, Canada


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