Component of UROBOROS VRML 2.0/97 by Al Razutis 1997-1999

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This world contains a sampling of 'musical stairs', a MPEG-1 movie map sceen above the stair landings, and viewpoints with titles.

The concept is 'operatic' in set design. This is consistent with the 'mythology' of the 'Uroboros' worlds in which 'Stairs word' resides.

FLY, STUDY, or GO TO VIEW using the Viewpoint advance button on the control panel of the player. Allow MPEG-1 movie maps and audio (activated by CLICKING THE OBJECTS) to load completely before navigating. Loading may pause while 'inline world' is imported. This is normal. (When stars move, you're ready to go.)

Touch/click screen or hot object for mpeg movie map playback with sound, or music.

These VRML 2.0 (Virtual Reality) worlds are optimized for COSMO PLAYER 2.x, or CORTONA VRML PLUG-IN or other 3D VIEWER.

For VRML / X3D viewer / free download, visit:  CORTONA 3D VIEWER site.
Recommended Browser: FIREFOX (Chrome no longer supports NPAPI plug-ins)

NOTE: At present Cortona 3D supports only mpeg-4 movie maps, while these movies were originally created in mpeg-1 for VRML Cosmo or Cortona.
Modification to new standard is underway.

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