3D Digital Film - 3D Role Playing Game

SCAT! in digital 3D cinema

Stereoscopic 3D Digital Film has arrived, to the digital multiplex screen and to the home LCD / Plasma screen.

Even IMAX 3D is going digital!

No time to debate 'why it took so long' or whether 'content will lead the way'.
The fact is that intelligent 'content' is in short supply,
and the new home 3D screens to be launched in 2010 are begging for 'content'...

This is the right project for the right time. Join us in creating an intelligent 3D future.

SCAT! the game

A fun-filled adventure in the paradoxes of physics and a very mysterious Cat!

3D Digital Film - 3D Game

Role playing - adventire - sci-fi - educational video game SCAT!

Investment, Sponsorships, and Parnerships in SCAT!

We welcome investment, sponsorships and partnerships in producing, distributing, exhibiting and marketing this stereoscopic 3D digital film - interactive game project. Come join us in creating works for the IMAGINATION in exciting and creative stereoscopic 3D format.

For more information on how you can partner with us contact: Al Razutis - project lead
President, Surreality Innovations Inc.

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