SCAT! - 3D interactive game and film

We design and implement three-dimensional solutions for presentations, displays, web applications, motion-picture and game content. Our focus is on innovation in 3D multi-media arts and our work has included cutting-edge corporate - educational and art projects in Speech-Interactive 3D Avatars
- VR worlds - 3D video - 3D web design - holographic art and displays.

We are independent and experienced multi-media and interactive 3D designers - artists available in-house or via contract - freelance basis. Project co-developments, and partnerships are also of interest.

Alchemists.com and team projects are led by Al Razutis, a multi-media 3D film-maker and holographic artist whose art direction and project leads include user speech-interactive 3D avatar creations for Sonora Technologies Inc, British Columbia and at the Mission Corporation, Bellevue, Washington.

Page by Razutis on 3D VR designs and aesthetics: 'Personal Aesthetics'

If you like what you read and require experienced and accomplished works in interactive 3D motion-picture/video graphics, models, scenes or speech interactive avatars, contact us for a quote on your requirements.