Holographic Art and Motion-Picture Holography by Al Razutis

Holographic Arts & Displays

Over four decades of works in Holographic Art and more recently 4D Motion-Picture Holographics by Al Razutis continues to be internationally exhibited and collected. And some of this unique and well-regarded work is for Sale or Exhibition.

McCormack Collection and Archives at Visual Alchemy

McCormack Collection & Archives

This collection of historical holograms and works from San Francisco Multiplex Company, the School of Holography, and independent creations by Sharon McCormack is preserved and curated by Al Razutis for posterity.

Stereoscopic 3D video art by Al Razutis

Stereoscopic 3D Video Art

Awaiting the release of our 2017 3D films is opportunity to check in on the legacy works from the 1990's by Razutis - works that were screened internationally, and won some LA 3D film awards too. For a selection see Legacy 3D Video Art

Amerika and Visual Essays by Al Razutis

Avant-Garde Films by Razutis

Avant-Garde Films by Razutis began in 1967 (public screening) and have continued to this day. Films of the earliest periods are listed at Film-Video Archives and continue to be exhibited internationally. Originals for these works are at the Academy Film Archives in Hollywood, USA.

Critical writings - interviews - manifestos - prose poems by Al Razutis

Critical Writings Media - Art

Razutis began writing on film and media in the 1970's when there was a scarcity of articles covering avant-garde film works. This has proliferated into performance art, interviews, interventions and critical articles, and prose poetry. For an extensive list see Writings

Fred Untersehere from West-Coast Artists in Light by Al Razutis

Documentary Project

West-Coast Artists in Light was initiated in the 1990's, funded by the Shearwater Foundation (which is no longer), and resulted in hours of 2D and 3D documentary film depicting the works of west-coast holographic artists. This could go on till death do us part if there was funding.

Holographic Art & Avant-Garde Film

Holographic Art by Al Razutis Priced for 2018

Holographic art by Al Razutis - sale or exhibition

Holographic art and design - productions by Al Razutis with many pages of the dense history of this work as it developed over four decades.

Avant-Garde Films Have No Expiry Date

The early film works continue to be exhibited and collected and featured in contemporary critical and historical writings. Originals and restored copies are housed at the Academy Film Archives, Hollywood, USA with thanks to Mark Toscano.

frames from Bridge at Electrical Storm from Amerika - a film by Al Razutis

June 4th, 2016 screening of 98.3Khz: Bridge at electrical storm is at The Cinematheque, Vancouver, Canada in native film form along with a number of curated archived experimental films from the 1960's and 70's Vancouver underground - experimental film scene. These screenings are part of a full program celebrating the Cinematheque 'Archives Day' and features introductions, discussions.

Next international screening of Visual Essays: Origins of Film will be in Italy, July 2016 at the Pesaro Film Festival.

Visual Essays Origins of Film - a film by Al Razutis

Check out Amerika and Visual Essays: Origins of Film to see why.

Burning Man Stereoscopic 3D Filming

Burning Man 2015 frame stills from videos by Al Razutis

Al Razutis traveled to Burning Man 2015 to discover the art and people and shoot a number of films primarily in native stereoscopic 3D. These shoots will be released as films in 2018 in stereoscopic 3D.

Razutis - Media Archives

Further Excavations in Film, Holography and Writings Continues

Film Archives of Al Razutis

For the last few years the personal film - video - holography - writing archives of Al Razutis have been undergoind 'excavation' and re-publication or further archiving when necessary. This has resulted in a number of works recovered and archived for restoration and storage of original elements and their documentations. All film elements and completed films are now stored at the Academy Film Archives in Hollywood, California which is where Al Razutis is from in his coming of age and initial film activities.

XAl Razutis - Studio History